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Business of Furniture - January 11, 2017

  •   UPFRONT: Interface to Exit FLOR Retail Channel - Changes will include workforce reductions of approximately 70 FLOR team members and a number of other employees in the commercial business in the Americas and Europe regions, and write-downs of certain underutilized assets.
  •   Strikeout: Why American Seating Left Stadium Seating - The sale is the culmination of an ongoing effort by the company to optimize its operations and resources and pursue significant growth opportunities in the transportation seating market.
  •   Let it Snowsound, Let it Snowsound, Let it Snowsound! - Snowsound has found itself in the right time and the right place. Everyone is moving into the open plan, and the aesthetic in the office is, simply put, really loud.
  •   FEATURE - Humanscale and Tome's OfficeIQ is Getting People Active at Work
  •   CoLaboration - Al Everett - Smoke and Mirrors - Part 2
  •   Stephen Says - "HR Director Asks: Why Does it Take Us So Long to Make a Hire?" - by Stephen Viscusi
  •   PLACES - DES Architects + Engineers Offices – San Francisco
  •   BoF NEWS - Industry Vet Buys Philly Herman Miller Dealer
  •   BoF NEWS - Logicdata, Bellow Press to Launch Innovation Series
  •   Whiteboard - The workplaces of 2017 will see a revolution in design / Beyond Millennials: Meet the new Group Inspiring Workplace Innovation
  •   FIRST LOOKS - New products from Allseating, Magnuson, HON, Arc|Com
  •   So Much More Every Week - Industry Moments, Industry Portfolio, Hutch, Industry Events, The Stream, Industry Pulse, Industry Classifieds & Careers

Workplaces Magazine - December, 2016 / January, 2017

  •   WEST ELM PLANTS SEEDS IN BROOKLYN - Home furnishings retailer West Elm's workforce moved into its new DUMBO offices (a Brooklyn neighborhood that gets its name because it is Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass) in August and since taking possession of the space, it has become a living laboratory for its West Elm Workspace with Inscape brand while serving as a hip hub for its 320 employees. And what a space it is. West Elm was committed to staying in its home in Brooklyn, where the company was founded in 2002.
  •   GEN XER FINDS PLACE AT HONG KONG WE WORK - We Work has made a huge investment in Hong Kong with the development of two sites in the city — one in Causeway Bay and the other in Wanchai — for a combined total of 15 floors. Like We Work offices in other cities around the world, there are common areas on each floor with coffee and beer taps, "phone booths" for private calls and communal copy machines.
  •   POWER UP YOUR WORKSPACE: CHARGING OPTIONS FOR ACTIVE OFFICES - While mobile devices (like all the ones we carry every day) have liberated us from working at a single spot throughout the day, that pesky issue of battery life remains. Many offices were designed in an era when electrical sockets along the walls were more than sufficient for our desktop devices. Now that layouts are flexible and dynamic, supporting new configurations with power can be a challenge. In this feature you'll find some charging solutions that will keep employees connected no matter where they work.
  •   INSIDESALES.COM & DATA MINING THE GREAT MILLENNIAL SHIFT - Millennials have officially surpassed baby boomers as the nation's largest living generation, dominating the workforce and causing businesses to scramble to meet their demands. You may be thinking, "not another article about millennials," but — spoiler alert — this one will have an interesting twist.
  •   PRODUCT MATTERS - If you do a lot of writing, you understand what an important tool a pen like the Ti2 TechLiner still is in this digital world. The new MacBook Pro is faster, thinner and lighter. The company touts its new MacBooks for an even brighter, more colorful display as well. It is one of the most technically advanced work tools ever built. Though it is a great machine, it still has a couple of grumble-worthy features as well.
  •   VITRA OUTLINES WORK AT ORGATEC - When the organizers of Orgatec approached Vitra Chief Executive Officer Nora Fehlbaum about taking an entire hall at the biennial trade fair in Cologne, Germany, she declined. How would a single company fill out an entire 12,000 square meter hall into a cohesive story about its brand, even one as iconic as Vitra? Upon reflection, Fehlbaum said she started to see it as an opportunity to curate an environment that went beyond office furniture.
  •   "GET TO THE HEART" BOOK BY TED FRANK - Everyone who has walked into an office to work has sat through mind-numbing presentations. They are the bane of office dwellers everywhere. But what if everyone put the movie industry's storytelling secrets into their presentations to make them clear and compelling?
  •   PERSONAL BRANDING IS A BUSINESS IMPERATIVE - Many companies and business professionals tend to be unaware of how they perform as a brand and how important a brand is.
  •   WHAT MAKES A WORKPLACE GREAT FOR WOMEN? - Recognizing talent, as well as the competitive advantages and skills women in the workplace provide, has been key to Transwestern's success in the industry.


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