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Midpoint Magazine - Mid-September, 2021

  •   JIM HEILBORN | THE SEVEN LEARNING STYLES AND SELLING - Too many companies don't invest enough time and money on proper orientation and training. They want instant success but aren't willing to pay for it.
  •   KAY SARGENT | SOLUTIONS FOR THE POST-PANDEMIC ERA - The past 18 months have been a helluva ride, but it's not over yet. The silver lining of the past year may be that it's given us an opportunity to think beyond the challenges at hand and take a much more holistic look at how, when and where people work.
  •   STEFANIE INCE | THE ROLE OF LEADERSHIP IN HEALTH - Leaders have an extraordinary opportunity to fundamentally change the way their employees live and work — and the overall quality of their lives.
  •   ROB KIRKBRIDE | BACK TO (THE MOST FUN) SCHOOL WITH INDEAL U - Things are changing so much in the industry right now, INDEAL U is needed more than ever by those hoping to keep up.
  •   EUGENE COLBERG | WORKPLACES BEND, NOT BREAK IN POST-COVID ERA - The coronavirus pandemic has been a shock to the system in many negative ways, however, it's great to see a completely unexpected evolution of the workplace come out of it that will ensure safety and productivity for years to come.
  •   WHERE I'M WORKING — BREWDOG DOGHOUSE HOTEL - The DogHouse Hotel is a surprisingly good place to work, especially if you're traveling while COVID-19 is still spreading, since there is a huge outdoor seating area.
  •   GOODMANS STRIVES TO IMPROVE EMPLOYEE EXPERIENCE TO 'RETURN OUR EMPLOYEES BACK TO THEIR FAMILIES...IN A BETTER CONDITION THAN WE GOT THEM IN THE MORNING' - "What we've doubled down, tripled down on and continue to believe is that our purpose, the reason we exist, is to create a great employee experience for people."
  •   INDEAL OPENS LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE REGISTRATION TO ITS DEALER MEMBERS - "Our goal is to provide critical knowledge that helps members move beyond many of the challenges they've been facing, so they can confidently look towards a more promising future," said Dave Bloch, INDEAL CEO.
  •   MARK BAKER NAMED CEO AT SANTA CLARA-BASED ONE WORKPLACE - Baker is a former executive at Steelcase who has led One Workplace through growth of technology and construction divisions, the initiation of workplace culture consulting and the company's expansion into other markets, including Sacramento and Salinas, California, and Seattle, Washington.
  •   INDEAL CARES SURVEY SHOWS PANDEMIC TAKES TOLL ON MENTAL HEALTH; BACK PAIN STILL A PROBLEM - The survey, launched in June 2021, aimed to understand both the self-reported well-being of individuals working in a variety of roles within the industry, employee intentions and wishes for returning to the workplace safely in a post-COVID world.
  •   BOS TAKES TRAINING TO NEW LEVEL WITH WORKSPACE DIGITAL; HELPS CREATE CONTENT FOR INDEAL U - BOS and its Workspace Digital division proved it can create digital content to get people up to speed quickly. Now it is doing the same for INDEAL U.
  •   WHAT WE EXPECT FROM NEOCON: VIEWS FROM A VETERAN AND A FIRST-TIMER - Both Pat Gosselin and Kalie Soris come from Interiors for Business, a Steelcase-aligned dealer in the Chicago area, but they are about as far apart on the NeoCon spectrum as two people can get. Gosselin, president of the company, is ready for his 30th NeoCon and Soris, its young marketing coordinator, is preparing to attend her first. Here's what they had to say about the show.
  •   AIS EXPANDS DESIGN DEPARTMENT TO HELP DEALERS - Over the past few months, the department has hired two new designers with a combined 25-plus years of experience. They bring a broad-based skillset with a focus on designing corporate and educational interiors.
  •   SURVEY: AS WORKPLACES REOPEN, 42% OF WORKERS FEAR GETTING COVID - Survey respondents rank a flexible work location as the most desired aspect of a new job, prioritizing it slightly over better pay and career advancement, the two traditional drivers of job changes.
  •   REVIEWS | ORIGINAL PRUSA MINI+ 3D PRINTER - You would be hard pressed to find a more powerful little printer for less than $500.
  •   REVIEWS | COTOPAXI ALLPA 35 L TRAVEL PACK - We found the Cotopaxi Allpa 35 L nearly perfect for every business travel situation. The pack meets carry-on size restrictions for most airlines, so it is a great size for air travel.

Business of Furniture - September 15, 2021

  •   KIRKBRIDE: Study Shows Rude Employees, Like Bad Apples, Spoil the Bunch - Although 70% of employees experienced rudeness at work, only 16 percent of workplace relationships were characterized by rude behavior.
  •   'After the Long Hard Winter of the Epidemic, There's Finally a Ray of Hope for the Future': Supersalone Proves Why Milan Remains Center of Design - The design of the show was the brainchild of the Supersalone curator, Stefano Boeri and an international group of co-planners — Andrea Caputo, Maria Cristina Didero, Anniina Koivu, Lukas Wegwerth, Marco Ferrari and Elisa Pasqual of Studio Folder and Giorgio Donà, co-founder and director of Stefano Boeri Interiors.
  •   Watson Furniture: Passionate about Furniture, its Employees and the Environment - Watson is an insource manufacturer. More than 90% of the product is produced in house. The only exception being hardware items, such as drawer pulls and slide rails.
  •   An Easy Escape — IDYLL Collective Makes Transforming a Space Simple and Inspiring - Art can change the ambiance in a corporate office.
  •   A Look Ahead: Learning from the Past to Anticipate the Future - The office furniture industry, as anyone who has experienced it knows, has an uncanny potential to become embedded in one's bone marrow.
  •   Your Processes Will Get You Out of the Daily Grind - This whole area of process definition, implementation and tracking is probably one of the biggest weaknesses I've seen in the dealership business.
  •   Inscape Announces First Quarter 2022 Financial Results - Total sales revenue for the first quarter of fiscal 2022 was $7.9 million, compared to $11.4 million for the same period of fiscal 2021.
  •   Stephen Says - "Email Slander Is Forever Slander" - by Stephen Viscusi - Just because you no longer work somewhere, it doesn't mean that they wave a magic wand and make all that correspondence disappear.
  •   Training & Development - "How Block Timing Can Help You Get More Done" - by Sid Meadows - It's no surprise time management is a hot topic right now. Most of us feel we don't have enough hours in the day to get everything done, and it seems like there will never be enough hours to complete our daily to-do's again.
  •   Upfront: Exemplis Acquires Future Seating, Parent Company to X-Chair, Mavix Gaming and Healthy Back - Both Future Seating and SitOnIt Seating will continue to operate independently. All products will continue to be ordered from, fulfilled by and serviced by their respective sales teams, factories and customer service teams. It will be business as usual for both companies.
  •   Product Spotlight: Tarkett Introduces Corollary and Spin-Off in Collaboration with Designer Jhane Barnes - Following her signature process of translating mathematical formulas into striking patterns, Barnes used the geometric concept of space-filling fractals to create her latest carpet styles: Corollary and Spin-Off.
  •   PLACES - Parimatch Tech Offices – Kyiv
  •   INDUSTRY PULSE - New Careers at BIFMA, Humanscale, KAI, IIDA NY Chapter, U.S. Green Building Council / COE Distributing Honored / Tarkett Online Tool / U.S. GBC LEED Fellows
  •   FIRST LOOKS - Mohawk Introduces the Rheo Morph Collection
  •   So Much More Every Week - Regional Industry News, Industry Moments, Industry Portfolio, Hutch, Industry Events, Industry Classifieds & Careers

Workplaces Magazine - August 2021

  •   WHERE I'M WORKING: EVERYWHERE - I love driving. I love exploring. I love wilderness scenery. I love road trips. I also love photography and have been photographing landscapes across the United States for the past 20 years. It's my passion and my side hustle. But I also love my job here at Bellow Press, so I had to figure out a way to do both.
  •   7 IN 10 WORKERS STILL IMPROVISING AT-HOME WORKSPACE, 16 MONTHS LATER - Two out of three workers we surveyed (64%) say their body is less supported at home than it was at their office before the pandemic, 78% say they would use a more supportive chair if their employer paid for it, and 50% of remote workers say the physical pain of working at home is enough to make them long for a return to the office.
  •   HOW TO TAKE AN EFFECTIVE TECH BREAK - Boundaries with technology undoubtedly benefit our emotional and mental health. We owe it to ourselves to discover more ways to foster supportive habits. While technology is a hassle free way to connect, it will eventually wear down on your health. We hope you try to implement at least one of these TECHniques to feel more in control of your screen time and benefit emotion-ally and mentally along the way.
  •   IT'S TIME TO THINK ABOUT NEURODIVERSITY AND DESIGN - No formal definition of neurodiversity exists, with vigorous conversations debating exactly who fits the label. Broadly speaking, developmental disorders and learning disabilities fall under the term neurodiversity. If there's no standard way to design for neurodiversity, what is the practical takeaway for designers? Offer choice. Monolithic interiors that assume everyone works or behaves in the same manner are a kind of psychological cubicle.
  •   STUDY: YOUNG WORKERS NOW VALUE RESPECT OVER FUN PERKS IN THE WORKPLACE - Margaret Duffy, executive director of the Novak Leadership Institute believes employers risk losing younger employees if they don't make an effort to use respectful communication in the workplace. While previous studies have reported leaders and managers spend 70-90% of their time communicating, LaGree believes this study shows more emphasis needs to be placed on training leaders and managers on how to be effective communicators and convey respectful communication with their employees.
  •   ROBIN HOOD MEETS THE OFFICE: HOW CORPORATE MANAGERS TRY TO FIX WORKPLACE INJUSTICES BY GIVING EMPLOYEES SECRET PERKS - Managers with an especially strong moral code can consider it their duty to right the wrongs they see, and to compensate victims in hidden ways — out of view of the top brass. Middle managers are in an especially tricky position because they can't punish the transgressor — their boss — but they want to keep the workers beneath them feel they are treated fairly.
  •   TWICE AS NICE: SVIGALS + PARTNERS COMPLETES DUAL WORKPLACES FOR LEADING ED-TECH PROVIDER TECHNOLUTIONS - "Bringing this unique vision to life — not in one office, but in two simultaneously — was an exciting challenge," said Katherine Berger, Svigals + Partners' associate and director of interior design.
  •   CONEXUS STUDIO DESIGNS NU SKIN SOUTHEAST ASIA'S FUTURE FORWARD OFFICE - Designed with employee feedback on their working needs and preferences, the design supports the diverse ways Nu Skin employees like to work. The wide variety of work settings include a lifestyle café, hospitality-inspired lounge settings, private pods, phone booths and height-adjustable desks. To ensure a balance of vibrancy and privacy in the open layout, a progressive zoning approach was adopted, with social and focus work areas delineated with different materials.
  •   REVIEWS: BESTEK 300W POWER INVERTER - Before home offices became all the rage, the first "mobile" offices were our cars. In fact, our cars remain a part of our mobile offices. Whether traveling for business or vacation, a lot of us rely on our cars to get some work done.
  •   REVIEWS: APPLE WATCH SERIES 6 - I could use the watch to quickly check text messages and Snapchats. But beyond that, it is hard to see the point of shelling out hundreds of dollars for a watch that isn't particularly attractive on the wrist. Our phones are a pocket away (and they tell time, too). Why add another digital product to your wrist?


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