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Business of Furniture - August 24, 2016

  •   UPFRONT: Safco adds Mayline and 'Robust Assortment' of Products - The acquisition of Mayline is a very strategic move for Safco.
  •   How the Election is Hurting the Industry (All Politics Aside) - Whether rational or not, the election does affect the business cycle. Some 60 percent of business economists say uncertainty about the November vote is damaging prospects for growth this year, according to a survey released in June.
  •   NELSON Announces Launch of Creative Tech & Media Workplace Design Practice - With a finger on the pulse of major metropolitan areas across the country, NELSON's launch of a dedicated TAMI practice continues to track the changing needs of this emerging sector.
  •   FEATURE - Via Wants to Rewrite Work Inside and Out
  •   FEATURE - Kinsler Drawn to Trendway 'Caring and Commitment'
  •   CoLaboration - Al Everett - Digital Waves
  •   Stephen Says - "Finding Employees or Becoming Unemployed" - by Stephen Viscusi
  •   Process - "The Path to Leadership Through Mentoring" - by Scott Lesizza
  •   BoF NEWS - The July 2016 Furniture Industry Index is Solid - Over Three Years of Steady Growth
  •   BoF NEWS - Studio-Tag Launches
  •   BoF NEWS - Companies Who 'Care' Favored by 47% of American Workers
  •   Industry Moments - Photos of the Week.
  •   Industry Portfolio - A look at how our office furniture manufacturing rich stock portfolio is doing this week.
  •   Hutch - Our weekly industry centered cartoon of thought and reason.
  •   Industry Events - Looking to attend an industry function this year? We've compiled a complete list of what's happening.
  •   The Stream - A curated look around the web at this week's most compelling articles and blogs.
  •   Industry Pulse - Late-breaking news and career changes in the industry.
  •   Industry Classifieds & Careers - The Global Marketplace for workplace furniture goods, services and the top workplace furniture talent.

Workplaces Magazine - August, 2016

  •   GENSLER: U.S. WORKPLACE SURVEY 2016 - The 2016 U.S. Workplace Survey is the most recent installment in Gensler's 10-year Workplace Survey research effort. The A&D firm surveyed a panel-based sample of more than 4,000 U.S. office workers in 11 industries to understand where, and how, work is happening today, and the role design plays in employee performance and innovation.
  •   FUN | WORKPLACE PERFORMANCE - Working behind a desk may not seem appealing day-to-day, but there is a growing trend of companies, both large and small, who are challenging the paradigm that work can't be fun. What better time to explore this topic than when we are weighted by current events and have the summer office blues?
  •   LEADERSHIP AT FURNITURE MAKER MOVES TO 'BANKS OF THE RIVER' - Some executives would blanche at the idea of strangers walking through their offices, but Steelcase is at the forefront of a movement that tears down the corporate walls between the company's leadership team and its workers. And it seems to be working.
  •   WHAT SWEDEN CAN TEACH US ABOUT BALANCING WORK AND LIFE - Studies have shown that employees are increasingly dissatisfied with their jobs and careers. From working long hours and experiencing health problems to feeling unappreciated, employees are sensing the crunch of a corporate system that desperately needs an overhaul.
  •   EXAMPLES OF 'TRIVSEL' CAN BE FOUND AROUND THE WORLD - Whether we call it trivsel, dobre samopoczucie, nhlalakahle, or bien-etre, the feeling of well-being is something humans appreciate, especially in the American workplace - which has typically ignored a wholistic approach to its mental and physical infrastructure until now.
  •   EXECUTIVES HEAD OUT OF THE OFFICE - Imagine a typical corner office for a company president. Does a cloister of wood paneling and stately furniture or an expanse of windows overlooking skyscrapers come to mind? While executive spaces are traditionally separate from junior-level employees, the same shift to open offices is altering the role and function of leadership areas. Learn about which industries have let the corner office go the way of the cubicle and which businesses are striking balance between executive privacy and transparency.
  •   WORKPLACE TECH IS FAST (BUT NEVER FAST ENOUGH) - The spinning wheel of death or the hourglass — we've all seen them. You go to save a large document or hit send on an e-mail with an attachment, and your screen freezes while the dreaded icon appears and just keeps going around and around. As that world keeps turning, yours comes to a grounding halt.
  •   MOVING BEYOND MILLENNIALS: UNDERSTANDING GENERATION Z AND ITS EXPECTATIONS FOR THE MODERN WORKPLACE - While appealing to Millennials has dominated the workplace conversation in recent years, a new group, Generation Z, is on its way to transform how organizations conduct day-to-day business.
  •   PRODUCT MATTERS - While at NeoCon I noticed an increase in options for customers placing orders. One of the options that will undoubtedly continue to grow is through the Internet.
  •   DEALER DIRECTORY - North America's best office furniture dealers.


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