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Business of Furniture - October 26, 2016

  •   UPFRONT: Orgatec 2016: Relevant and Fresh - Orgatec itself seems to be suffering slightly from a truly interconnected world. In the past, the show was a game changing event that defined the office for the two years that followed.
  •   Big (dark) Blue Works with Blu Dot - To make things easy for dealers, Steelcase is plugging Blu Dot into its Smart Tools software and order management system. Steelcase will take care of the logistics, getting the Blu Dot items to its customers through a single order with the rest of the Steelcase products.
  •   Remastering a Classic: Herman Miller Launches New Aeron - With the input of original co-designer Don Chadwick, and a team of scientists, engineers, materials specialists and researchers who worked on the project for over two years,
  •   FEATURE - What to look for at Orgatec
  •   CoLaboration - Al Everett - 7 Habits of Salesmasters
  •   Stephen Says - "The Louder the Mouth, The Younger the Officemate" - by Stephen Viscusi
  •   PLACES - Pinterest
  •   BoF NEWS - Knoll Reports Continued Growth and Margin Expansion
  •   BoF NEWS - HNI Reports Earnings
  •   BoF NEWS - Herman Miller Launches New Aeron in NYC
  •   SNAPSHOT - KI Celebrates Dōni in Style!
  •   Industry Moments - Photos of the Week.
  •   Industry Portfolio - A look at how our office furniture manufacturing rich stock portfolio is doing this week.
  •   Hutch - Our weekly industry centered cartoon of thought and reason.
  •   Industry Events - Looking to attend an industry function this year? We've compiled a complete list of what's happening.
  •   The Stream - A curated look around the web at this week's most compelling articles and blogs.
  •   Industry Pulse - Late-breaking news and career changes in the industry.
  •   Industry Classifieds & Careers - The Global Marketplace for workplace furniture goods, services and the top workplace furniture talent.

Workplaces Magazine - October, 2016

  •   TEXTILE EVOLUTION IN THE WORKPLACE - THE FUTURE OF TECH - The "golden era" for contract textiles began with the advent of the cubicle in the open office. These so-called cube farms translated into large canvases for the color and texture of textiles. These soft materials aided in delivering the acoustic absorbency and privacy that 60", 72", and even 84" high panel systems provided. Toward the end of end of the millennium, the industry realized that panel heights were beginning to come down, leaving less room for fabric. Textile manufacturers certainly took notice as they saw yardage-per-workstation shrinking.
  •   THE RISE OF CO-WORKING - As one of the fastest-growing workplace movements of the last decade, co-working enables people from diverse backgrounds to work together in a common space. The number of co-working spaces around the world has increased by nearly 700 per cent since 2011. Globally, an estimated half a million people work in more than 7,800 shared workspaces today, a number which is expected to climb to 37,000 over the next two years.
  •   MARY KAY GOES PINK IN SHANGHAI - Mary Kay's Shanghai headquarters is a testament to the brand and the Chinese market's growing thirst for beauty products. And that beauty is reflected in the space, a remarkable office that holds the company's founding principles of empowering women and entrepreneurship dear.
  •   SWEAT DREAMS ARE MADE OF THIS - DREAM (Dundee Real Estate Asset Management) recently remodeled its space in a way that shows how an office building created to celebrate individual achievement can be transformed into a showplace of collaboration.
  •   TURNING VIRTUAL GAMES INTO OFFICE REALITY - FunPlus is a mobile, social gaming company that puts fun first for players worldwide. The company's signature game, "Family Farm," is enjoyed by more than 6 million players each day and growing. Founded in 2010, FunPlus employs more than 400 people and is headquartered in Beijing, China, with offices in San Francisco and Vancouver. By focusing its market in Europe and the Middle East, it is number six on Facebook's gaming list, and number one in China.
  •   HARD WORK LEADS TO HARD PLAY FOR CEOS - Executives who compete in the CEO Challenges get a first-class experience at the event.
  •   LUNCHTIME YOGA SESSIONS LEAD TO CUBEFIT - It is urgent that companies lay a more holistic foundation for controlling organizational stress.
  •   PRODUCT MATTERS - After many miles and more years than I care to admit, it was time for a new bag to carry my laptop, other electronics and various things I carry to and from work and when I travel. •Now there is an affordable solution to help us overcome the lack of color memory or the ability to match colors. But the COLOR MUSE can do much more than just match paint. •My favorite currency converter is a free app. •How about rechargeable batteries that already come charged?
  •   RESEARCH: THE DRIVE TOWARD HEALTHIER BUILDINGS 2016 - 75% of owners want to achieve improved employee/tenant satisfaction when they invest in healthier buildings, but only 68% of architects, 51% of contractors and 41% of interior designers see this as a top goal for their clients.


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