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Business of Furniture - June 12, 2019

  •   NeoCon Starts Strong, Despite Herman Miller's Decision to Leave theMART - Herman Miller is leaving theMART after 51 years as an anchor and about 80 years total in the building. The company is leaving for 1100 W. Fulton St. in Chicago's Fulton Market neighborhood, a year after Knoll did the same.
  •   Maars Headquarters, Factory is Out of This World - Since entering the North American market a few short years ago, Maars has made a name for itself by creating demountable walls of the highest quality and design.
  •   Bureau Enters Contract Furniture Category With Millennial-Focused Offering - Run by three millennials from varied real estate backgrounds, Bureau was developed to simplify the process of furnishing offices for small occupiers, from specification, to delivery and setup, to haul away.
  •   HLW's Los Angeles Studio Honored at SoCal IIDA Calibre Design Awards - HLW, has been honored with a 2019 Calibre Design Award by the International Interior Design Association Southern California Chapter (IIDA SoCal) for its work for Procore Technologies.
  •   Steelcase Announces New Relationship with Moooi in North America - Steelcase will offer designs from Moooi and Moooi Carpets to customers throughout North America.
  •   BIFMA to Launch Branded Conformance Program in 2020 - "This conformance program has been developed to respond to a market need for more clarity."
  •   Wilkhahn and Teknion to Collaborate on Seating - Wilkhahn will be able to target the ranges at more customers on the North American continent. Teknion also will be able to use them to strengthen its portfolio.
  •   Stephen Says - "NeoCon Is Almost Over: Fire Them, You Know You Want To" - by Stephen Viscusi
  •   PLACES - AstraZeneca Offices – Macclesfield
  •   FIRST LOOKS - The latest Product Introductions from Allseating, Inscape, HON, Dekko, LINAK, KI, LOGICDATA, HPFi and KnollTextiles
  •   So Much More Every Week - Regional Industry News Brief, Industry Moments, Industry Portfolio, Hutch, Industry Events, The Stream, Industry Pulse, Industry Classifieds & Careers

Business of Furniture - NeoCon Special 2019

  •   COME BELLOW WITH US - Meet with the team behind The Business of Furniture and Workplaces Magazine. NeoCon 2019 - Seventh Floor; Booth: 7-5111
  •   FLOOR PLANS - Find your way around NeoCon this year.
  •   THE BEST AND BRIGHTEST PRODUCTS DEBUTING DURING NEOCON - The editors of The Business of Furniture have looked high and low to bring you what we believe are the biggest introductions being presented this year at NeoCon.
  •   WELCOME TO NEOCON 2019 - The commercial interiors industry is a friendly fraternity and no where is that more clear than at NeoCon. Yes, we come to Chicago each year for new products, new ideas and new business, but we also come for the friendships we have cultivated over the years. If you agree with my premise, than you can't help but like NeoCon.
    If you don't like NeoCon, you're simply not doing it right.
    I get it. It is a lot of work. We are away from our families, our friends and our routines. We are living and working out of hotel rooms. We are eating food we don't normally eat and speaking with a lot more people than we normally interact with. It can be tiring.
    But NeoCon is our industry's chance to shine. It is the one show where we explain to the world why this industry matters. For many of you readers, Chicago is also the place where your ideas are presented to the world. You are giving rise to creativity and innovation. Let me be the first to thank you. Without you, there would be no NeoCon.
    Thanks to fine folks at theMART as well. The team of 14 people that work to fill the showrooms and temporary floor for NeoCon do a stellar job to help this industry shine. They often get the blame when elevator lines are long, but rarely get the praise they deserve for putting on a truly world-class event for 55,000 visitors.
  •   BELLOW PRESS WISHES YOU SAFE TRAVELS TO CHICAGO - We'll see you at the show - VISIT US - 7th Floor, Booth 5111

Business of Furniture - June 4, 2019 - CIFF Special Edition

  •   THE 44TH CHINA INTERNATIONAL FURNITURE FAIR SHANGHAI - September 8-11, 2019 - Young, and with a strong desire to grow, able to provide large spaces: the National Exhibition & Convention Centre in Hongqiao is the world's largest exhibition complex. The opportunities provided by the availability of this enormous space has made it possible to host all the sectors for the furnishing industry and develop unique events which every year enchants visitors wishing to discover the potential of the quality Chinese product, the value of emerging designers and the new market trends. With the theme of "A Paradigm for Global Living", the next edition of CIFF Shanghai will attract over 1,500 exhibitors and more than 140,000 professional operators are expected from more than 200 countries and regions.
  •   WELCOME TO CHINA INTERNATIONAL FURNITURE FAIR! - Founded in 1998, CIFF (Guangzhou/Shanghai) has been successfully held for 43 sessions and creates the world's most preferred one-stop trading platform for product launch, domestic sales and export trade in the furnishing industry.
  •   CHINA IS DEFINITELY A CRUCIAL MARKET - China is increasingly more open to trade and to collaboration agreements, particularly with Europe and the United States. An unusual market, certainly complex, but fascinating and unique, where companies grow very quickly and where consumer taste and choices increase at the same rate as consumer purchasing power. Today more than ever before, CIFF and its exhibitors are ready for a new phase, no longer marked simply by price, but by factors related to the service.
  •   BETTER LIFE BETTER WORK - Better Life Better Work is not a slogan or a mantra, but rather a leitmotiv affirmed and pursued by CIFF. In effect, people, and people alone, are in the spotlight. People formed by needs, people who must be stimulated, but who are capable of great and fabulous things. This explains the attentiveness in terms of choosing decor that is high-performance and beautiful, but that can also furnish and allow people to live well. Quality furniture incorporating high-level ergonomics and comfort, together with colors and finishing details, and that therefore infuses life with style.

Workplaces Magazine - June, 2019

  •   WHERE I'M WORKING: PASSENGER SEAT, 2019 MINI COOPER COUNTRYMAN - There's working "while" on the road and then there is working "on" the road — literally working while you are a passenger in a car. I found myself in that situation recently after attending a funeral in Port Huron, Michigan, a city about three hours from my home in Grand Rapids.
  •   STUDY SHOWS CULTURE MATTERS AT WORK - Speakap's latest study, "The Culture Factor: Improving Employee Loyalty & Relationships," found nearly 60 percent of the employees it surveyed would take a job at another company in exchange for a better company culture. The objective of the study was to understand elements impacting perception of culture within organizations, how companies communicate culture and change, and the impacts on employee satisfaction and retention.
  •   NOURISH EMPLOYEE INTERACTION WITH SNACK STATIONS - Looking for new ways to encourage your employees to mingle? Food-based amenities that go beyond free coffee and vending machines may be the answer. The resimercial trend of adding homey touches around the office is also placing new emphasis on kitchens and break rooms. You don't have to provide full catering to satisfy your workforce — a dedicated snack station can boost employee morale and spark new connections.
  •   HLW CREATES 'THE WORKSHOP' AS ITS LONDON HUB - Global architecture, interiors and design firm HLW has built a different kind of workshop in the heart of London that holds onto the historical vision of a space where work, collaboration and "tools" are used, but without all the grease and grime. Its London hub, The Workshop at Lonsdale Square between Angel and Islington, is a marvel of adaptive space reuse and a hive of energy and creativity.
  •   PRODUCT INTRODUCTIONS FOR NEOCON 2019 - A first look at some of the major new products that will be introduced during NeoCon 2019 in Chicago this month. When you hear the word "NeoCon," it might not mean anything to you other than a shortened version of "neoconservative." But to those in the office interiors industry, it has a whole different meaning. It is the industry's major event, held in Chicago each June at the Merchandise Mart, and it is a place where many new products that will change the way you work are introduced.
  •   THE COMMERCIAL DESIGN INDUSTRY IS CHANGING. WHY CAN'T THE STAFFING PROCESS TOO? - Job posting is an outdated process. The resume needs improving. Interviews must be more efficient. Whether you're searching for a job or recruiting talent, the process is changing at every level. Traditional strategies are evolving with technology, and brand building — among job seekers and employers — is more important than ever. These insights are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to staffing these days, according to Bryan Lake, associate partner with Sales Consultants of Grand Rapids in West Michigan.


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