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Business of Furniture - October 21, 2020

  •   Kirkbride: It's Not Time to Give Up. It's Time to Get Busy - It is well beyond time for our industry to act and lead. Snap out of the funk. Get out of your office, and help the world get back to work — when the time comes to safely do so.
  •   Hospitality Feel Plays Key Role in Interior Amenity Spaces at New Chicago Tower - NELSON Worldwide was tasked with infusing five-star hospitality elements throughout the Class A tower's amenity spaces, which feature a conference center for tenant use, a two-story, state-of-the art fitness center, a tenant lounge and multi-tenant floor elevator lobbies and circulation corridors.
  •   DIRTT Sues North Carolina Dealer that Switched to Falkbuilt - DIRTT contends it transfers confidential information to its dealers, and the contract with CBI and all its dealers outlines that confidentiality shall continue until the confidential information enters the public domain.
  •   A Year in the Making, Loftwall Launches Parallel - With highly recyclable materials, intuitive (and patent-pending) use of magnetics and its trademark obsession with flexibility, Loftwall is confident Parallel will mark a clear shift in how desks, tables and training rooms are utilized.
  •   Color Takes on a New Role in the Workplace, With Safety and Comfort at the Forefront - When the world experiences events that cause unrest, anxiety and grief, we tend to naturally gravitate toward compassionate colors.
  •   Bisley Introduces Belong, Flexible Furniture Collection - The Belong range comprises multiple collections to create a sanctuary wherever you are so you can focus and stay on top of your workload in comfort.
  •   Product Spotlight: Teknion Launches Kupp Café-Inspired Nesting Chairs - A fresh approach to nesting chair design, Kupp's horizontal nesting capability solves constraints and ensures employee safety, as chairs can be stored with minimal physical effort.
  •   UPFRONT: Wilsonart Expands TFL Capacity - Wilsonart Engineered Surfaces will increase its thermally fused laminate (TFL) capacity and footprint in North America with a new facility in Klamath Falls, Oregon. Construction has begun, and the plant is scheduled to open by July 2021.
  •   Stephen Says - "Social Media is No Replacement for Outside Sales" - by Stephen Viscusi
  •   PLACES - Symantec Offices – Toronto
  •   FIRST LOOKS - The latest product introductions from: Landscape Forms, ErgoGenesis, Bentley, 3form, BuzziSpace, Akouo Acoustics, Designtex, Global
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Workplaces Magazine - October, 2020

  •   WHERE I'M WORKING: EMILY CLINGMAN - LONGMONT, COLORADO - With COVID-related business closures, travel restrictions and social-distancing protocol, it's been hard for us remote workers to pop into our favorite coffee shop for a few hours or enjoy a change of scenery away from our home offices.
  •   MOST US EMPLOYEES SEE THEMSELVES WORKING WITH TECHNOLOGY RATHER THAN BEING REPLACED BY IT, ACCORDING TO A RECENT SURVEY ON THE FUTURE OF WORK - Four out of five U.S. workers believe technology will change the way they do their job over the next three years.
  •   KAI EXPERTS SAY COVID-19 PANDEMIC CAUSING MAJOR SHIFT IN TRADITIONAL OFFICE DESIGN AND FUNCTION - Technology will be the enabler to successfully implementing these new design practices and creating a business environment that fosters safe, healthy and intelligent interactions.
  •   FOUR TIPS FOR PEOPLE WHO STRUGGLE TO UNPLUG, TAKE BREAKS, RECHARGE, OR DECOMPRESS AT THE END OF THE WORKDAY - Millions of workers are working from home, and companies as large as Twitter have already announced employees never have to return to the office. It's important to manage your energy and keep yourself from burning out from too much uninterrupted work.
  •   STUDY SHOWS BASIC MINDFULNESS CAN BE A KEY TO SOLVING WORKPLACE CONFLICT - Everyone wants to work in a place where everybody gets along, but in reality, workplaces are fraught with conflict. However, certain kinds of workplace conflict are positive, because they involve new ways of approaching a project or a problem, which can lead to innovation and better outcomes.
  •   SMART SEARCH ENABLES WFH EFFICIENCIES - "We expect the best from our teams, So we should offer them the best tools to do their jobs. That starts with strong search so they can get the information they need to do their jobs when they need it."
  •   KAI ENGINEERS RECOMMEND HVAC UPGRADES TO HELP COMBAT COVID-19 INSIDE COMMERCIAL BUILDINGS - Controlling the airflow between zones in a building is a viable way to protect building occupants from airborne pathogens. This can be achieved by re-evaluating the positioning of supply and exhaust air diffusers.
  •   NELSON WORLDWIDE CONDUCTS STRATEGY SURVEY TO UNDERSTAND EVOLVING WORKFORCE EXPECTATIONS - The first key finding in the survey is employees are longing for purposeful and visible changes to increase safety measures in the office and ensure re-entry in the workplace is safe.
  •   HAPPINESS NOW MORE THAN EVER: A PRIMER ON HAPPINESS BY DESIGN, AND WHY IT MATTERS - Architecture firms are always seeking new and innovative ways to better the industry and elevate employee well-being within the office. The design industry knows almost too well just how much a space can impact mood, productivity and focus.
  •   RENEWAL ROOMS FOR NURSES - In order for nurses to provide quality care, they need to be able to provide their own care. But imagine finally getting a lunch break and the only space to sit is where everyone else goes. When you've gone through hours of patient care, you need time away to regroup before returning to the floor. A food-focused break room isn't always the right environment for nurses to refresh their spirits. The antidote is a renewal room.
  •   WORKPLACE ROMANCE IN THE AGE OF COVID - Now that so many employees are working from home and may be doing so for a while longer or even permanently, it's the ideal time for organizations to revisit the subject to meet the demands of the current landscape. If an office romance has developed, additional complications are that human resource managers aren't seeing employees interacting with each other.
  •   PRODUCT REVIEWS - We review the Delta Finn Table and Chair Set and the Spacestor KIT Desk.


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