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Business of Furniture - September 28, 2016

  •   UPFRONT: Global Celebrates 50 by Positioning Itself for Next Half Century - Regardless of the Feldberg at the helm, Global's growth and success is a remarkable story.
  •   Bretford Explains Move Out of Furniture - It is getting out of furniture production and focusing instead on products that support technology.
  •   High Point Rolls Out Red Carpet to Hospitality Furniture - The idea for a special event within the High Point Market geared for the hospitality community arose from a focus group conducted during the April show.
  •   FEATURE - Distraction-Free Design is the Next Evolution of Your Workspace
  •   FEATURE - FlexJobs Announces Five Flexible Job Categories on the Rise
  •   CoLaboration - Al Everett - From a Different Point of View
  •   Stephen Says - "A New Job, A Satisfied Reader" - by Stephen Viscusi
  •   PLACES - Fuhu
  •   BoF NEWS - Herman Miller Results
  •   BoF NEWS - Steelcase Results
  •   FIRST LOOKS - The latest from OM, Landscape Forms, Wilkhahn and Unika Vaev
  •   SNAPSHOT - KnollTextiles
  •   Industry Moments - Photos of the Week.
  •   Industry Portfolio - A look at how our office furniture manufacturing rich stock portfolio is doing this week.
  •   Hutch - Our weekly industry centered cartoon of thought and reason.
  •   Industry Events - Looking to attend an industry function this year? We've compiled a complete list of what's happening.
  •   The Stream - A curated look around the web at this week's most compelling articles and blogs.
  •   Industry Pulse - Late-breaking news and career changes in the industry.
  •   Industry Classifieds & Careers - The Global Marketplace for workplace furniture goods, services and the top workplace furniture talent.

Workplaces Magazine - September, 2016

  •   JLL'S OFFICE OUTLOOK 2Q 2016 - The first half of 2016 has, no doubt, been filled with surprises, but results from the second quarter indicate that office markets across the United States remain stable and are, in many cases, still growing. Expanding tenants drove further occupancy gains during the quarter, which were most pronounced in tech and Sun Belt markets where demand has been both persistent and growing.
  •   DISCOVER FINANCIAL CREATES URBAN HUB FOR CHICAGO EMPLOYEES - About 16 percent of Discover Financial Services' Chicago-area workforce — more than 3,000 people — live in the city and must commute to the company's Riverwoods headquarters. In ideal traffic conditions, which isn't often in one of the most snarled cities in the world, it takes about an hour to drive from Chicago to Riverwoods, a suburb northwest of downtown.
  •   DESIGN GROUP LEADS THE WAY WITH MOVE INTO OFFICE OF THE FUTURE - When you are the American Society of Interior Designers, workplace design matters, especially your own. So when the interior design group decided to move into a new headquarters in Washington, D.C., the organization knew it had to create a space that was not only functional for its own employees, but inspirational for its membership. The space had to reflect the best attributes of a workplace, but also the best thinking and best practices of an entire profession.
  •   POKEMON AS A WAY TO LOSE WEIGHT AT WORK? - The HealthyWager is an individual weight loss challenge where participants select their weight loss goal, decide on how long they want to take to lose the weight and how much they want to bet on their success, and then win if they successfully reach their goal.
  •   LACTATION ROOMS HELP WORKING MOTHERS TRANSITION BACK TO OFFICE - Lactation support can lower turnover rates, medical costs, sick time and absenteeism while improving productivity, morale and retention.
  •   FIREPLACES FIND A PLACE IN OFFICES - As humans, we naturally gravitate to fire and fireplaces. Fireplaces invite us to relax, linger and calm down. Wouldn't it be great to have a fireplace in an office, a place where stress is often high and clear thinking is critical?
  •   ALL-IN-ONE WORKSTATION DESIGNED AROUND USER - What started as a project to help a friend work through an injury turned into a business model to create the ultimate healthy workstation. Che Voigt and his business partner, John Speicher — he's the guy who was injured — went to work designing the Altwork Station and building a business around it. Perhaps because it came from outside the office furniture industry, the Altwork Station does look and function remarkably different from nearly anything else on the market
  •   PRODUCT MATTERS - An office chair can be described in many ways, but fun is rarely one of them. Yet, the KI Sway chair is just that — and a lot more. Sway is designed to work in casual areas of the office or in an educational setting (imagine a lounge area in an office or commons area in a college). It is one of the most unique looking chairs we've ever seen, but it is the movement of the chair that really makes it shine.
  •   DEALER DIRECTORY - North America's best office furniture dealers.


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