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Business of Furniture - March 22, 2017

  •   UPFRONT: Studio Wise Expands Product Line; Streamlines Sales - Known for surface products inspired by its designs for some of West Michigan's most iconic restaurants, breweries, clubs and offices, the design and fabrication studio based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, saw its revenues double last year.
  •   DIRTT Leaf Falls into Place - Leaf is a simple concept: Give objects designed to be put into place until moved hinges and bearing systems and guides so they can move easily.
  •   COVER: BuzziSpace Refined - BuzziSpace has always been known for its innovative acoustic products. Now it is moving further into the office with new lounge seating products that follow the Belgian company's belief that every workplace should be happy and healthy.
  •   Steelcase Results - Steelcase Inc. reported fourth quarter revenue of $769.1 million and net income of $25.8 million.
  •   CoLaboration - Al Everett - Maybe it's About Time to Abandon Ship
  •   Stephen Says - "Lost Your Job, But Afraid to Advertise That on Your Resume?" - by Stephen Viscusi
  •   From the Editor-in-Chief - Providing You a Broader View
  •   Research - The Effect of Individualized Work Settings on Productivity and Well-Being
  •   PLACES - LAYER London offices
  •   BoF NEWS - IF Design Award: Gold Award for LessThanFive by Coalesse / Industry-First Bullet and Blast-Resistant Technology Unveiled for Airport Seating
  •   Whiteboard - Defining Privacy for The Future of Workspace Design / Six Design Principles to Support Wellbeing / America's Coming Workplace: Home Alone
  •   FIRST LOOKS - The latest products from Clarus, Landscape Forms, Knoll, Luna Textiles, HON, Arconas, Wilkhahn, 3Form, Carnegie, Arc-Com, Luum Textiles, and more!
  •   So Much More Every Week - Industry Moments, Industry Portfolio, Hutch, Industry Events, The Stream, Industry Pulse, Industry Classifieds & Careers

Workplaces Magazine - March, 2017

  •   TRENDS | FULLSCREEN OFFICES, NEW YORK CITY - Rapt Studio has designed the new offices of youth media company Fullscreen, located in New York City. For this global youth media company, home is where the content is. And Fullscreen is how you find it. The young startup, featuring videos made by creators around the world, wanted their space to reflect the community they've created and inspire everyone inside.
  •   A FURNITURE SHOW IS HAPPENING IN CHINA: HOW IT WILL CHANGE THE WAY YOU WORK - Show organizers say the "Made in China" label connotation is less and less that of poor quality and low price, and instead is now able to provide appropriate and tangible solutions even for a medium-high client sector target.
  •   STATE OF THE MARKET: OCCUPIER PERSPECTIVE - The latest research from Cushman & Wakefield.
  •   A PLACE OF THEIR OWN: HERMAN MILLER AND IBOTTA TEAM UP TO CREATE IDYLLIC LIVING WORKSPACE - Employees of the tech company were overwhelmed with excitement and pride when they moved from a windowless, cramped (former fire station) basement workspace to an entire floor in Denver's tallest high-rise last March.
  •   THE GROWING VALUE OF OUTDOOR WORKSPACE - For years, designers, architects and facility managers have been measuring and improving interior workspace. But, as technology untethers us from set work locations and workplace cultures relax, attention is turning to activate and measure dormant outdoor space with the same fervor.
  •   STREAMLINING FOR SUCCESS WITH PROGRESSLY IN THE WORKPLACE - Having received $6 million in funding, the company's technology consolidates these workplace processes with one standard, making it simpler to perform daily team tasks and projects.
  •   MARCH MADNESS COSTS ECONOMY $1.9 BILLION (AND HOW TO DEAL WITH IT IN THE OFFICE) - Recent statistics reveal March Madness has become more popular than ever, thanks in large part to the worldwide betting on the games.
  •   WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW BEFORE YOU TAKE A STAND - Unless you live under a rock you have probably heard that "Sitting is the New Smoking" or maybe that "Your Chair is Killing You." We can thank James Levine of the Mayo Clinic for really bringing this subject into the spotlight back in 2014 when he published his research on NEAT, Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis. NEAT is the energy expended for everything we do that is not sleeping, eating or sports-like exercise.
  •   WORKPLACES - DESIGNING EXPERIENCES - Brand new research from Gensler on the latest trends in workplace design. The new workplace is a moving target - as organizations flatten, collaboration increases, and technology frees workers from their desks.
  •   PRODUCT MATTER - This month you'll find reviews of ESI Lustre LED Task Light, Beyouneeq's Wipenote Dry Erase Notebook, and the Master Lock Bluetooth Indoor Padlock. which, to be fair, didn't impress us.
  •   ENDMATTER - Bob - New lounge seating from Swedish designers Stefan Borselius and Thomas Bernstand. Why are People Searching for Better Places to Work? Microsoft's new offices in Milan. Metal Wall features transforms outdated office lobby.


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