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Business of Furniture - May 20, 2020

  •   COVID Crisis Causes Shift in Way We Talk about the Office - Offices across the country are preparing to reopen. How that will look remains to be seen, but offices will be less dense and workers more separate.
  •   Killing "The Way We've Always Done It" - With less face-to-face meetings, accessibility and ease of scheduling will become an X-factor.
  •   All Hands on Deck, USGBC Says Green Building Ratings Still Relevant - Under the new strategy, the USGBC will update current LEED strategies in LEED v4.1 that support indoor environmental quality, cleaning, occupant comfort, operations, better materials and risk management.
  •   AIS Launches Sew the Masks Campaign to Support First Responders and Others at High Risk from COVID-19 - AIS masks are already helping protect health care workers at UMass Medical Center and Brigham and Women's Hospital, as well as first responders around Massachusetts and others.
  •   Nearly Half of Employees Now Working from Home Want to Stay Remote, Study Finds - Clearly, employee work preferences still differ and working from home is not for everyone — either because employees simply cannot do their jobs remotely or would prefer not to.
  •   Industry Bulletin Board - Information during the Coronavirus outbreak is at a premium. Business of Furniture is dedicated to getting you the latest industry information.
  •   Knoll Announces June 2020 Free Virtual Knoll Design Days Lineup - "We're here to help organizations adjust to a new normal and give people confidence in their work environments."
  •   Humanscale Chief Sustainability Officer Jane Abernethy Recognized as Living Hero - The Living Future Institute developed the Hero award to acknowledge exceptional work of individuals who are going above and beyond in their approach to creating a Living Future.
  •   Stephen Says - "Help! My WFH Salespeople are Becoming Unfocused" - by Stephen Viscusi
  •   PLACES - The Max Barney Estate Offices – London
  •   FIRST LOOKS - 9to5 Seating, H Contract, R-Go, Bisley
  •   So Much More Every Week - Regional Industry News Brief, Industry Moments, Industry Portfolio, Hutch, Industry Events, The Stream, Industry Pulse, Industry Classifieds & Careers

Workplaces Magazine - May, 2020

  •   WHERE I'M WORKING: MY HOUSE, GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN - We are living in extraordinary times, I will tell you about where I'm working as I shelter-in-place at home. It is a nontraditional setup, even by home office standards.
  •   SURVEY FINDS WEAK HOME INTERNET PREVENTING PEOPLE FROM WORKING - Millions of us are now reliant on our home internet plans to work and study — plans which may not be able to support our changing needs.
  •   WORKING REMOTELY IS HERE TO STAY - With employees working virtually from remote locations around the country or around the world, getting team members on the same page is not nearly as easy as it used to be.
  •   WORK AFTER COVID-19: KEEPING YOUR CULTURE SAFE - At the onset of COVID-19 — and as the required work-from-home and social distancing guidelines went into effect — dialogue as to how companies were planning their successful return to the office escalated.
  •   DEEP CLEANING IS THE NEW CLEANING - There is a difference between the word "sanitize" and "disinfect." It's a common mistake to use these terms interchangeably, but there's a critical difference.
  •   HYGIENE BECOMING MORE IMPORTANT IN THE WORKPLACE, SURVEY SHOWS - If there is some good news in the age of coronavirus, research from the Healthy hand-washing Survey shows during the past 11 years an increasing number of Americans are heeding the message about washing their hands to protect themselves from flu outbreaks.
  •   WILL SOCIAL DISTANCING MAKE WAY FOR WORKPLACE DISTANCING? - With an eye on the health, safety and welfare of their teams, and the need for distancing in mind, many businesses are likely to rethink their real estate and workplace strategies.
  •   FOCUSING ON NEEDS FOR THE NEW OFFICE 'NORMAL' - Open floor plans have been the preferred layout for office spaces in recent years, but the global health crisis has caused companies to reconsider the way workstations and collaboration areas are organized.
  •   OFFICE LIFE AFTER CORONAVIRUS WILL BE DRIVEN BY PROPINQUITY, OUR NATURAL HUMAN TENDENCY TO DEVELOP TIGHT INTERPERSONAL BONDS - The world of work we will return to after the Novel Coronavirus will be distinctly different from the one we recently left behind.
  •   SEVEN UNEXPECTED WAYS TO MAKE YOUR ONLINE MEETING MORE ENGAGING - It's not easy to keep participants engaged in meetings, even when you're sitting across the table from them.
  •   PRODUCT MATTER - This month we look at two products that help make working at home better and more productive.


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