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Business of Furniture - February 22, 2017

  •   UPFRONT: Spring CIFF Promises to be Bigger, Better - As organizers of the 39th CIFF in Guangzhou prepare for the massive furniture fair, they are making an increasingly compelling case for attending the show.
  •   Office Big Box Realspace Competes with Cool, Casual Furniture - Customers want to express their personal style in their workspaces and are seeking functional areas in their homes that are more flexible than the traditional home office and still complement their existing home décor.
  •   3M Window Film Moves Light Farther Into Office - The 3M Daylight Redirecting Film is an alternative for light shelves or redirecting blinds.
  •   CoLaboration - Al Everett - Why Only 64 Percent of Projects Meet Their Goals: Promises, Promises...
  •   Stephen Says - "Dealer Eat Dealer Recruiting: How to Hit Your Competitor Where it Hurts All on Your Own" - by Stephen Viscusi
  •   NOTED - Design Futures Council event in the UK last week hosted by Steelcase.
  •   PLACES - SapientRazorfish Offices – London
  •   BoF NEWS - ASID Index Shows Continued Strength; Outlook Bright
  •   BoF NEWS - Dancker, Sellew & Douglas Changes Name to Dancker
  •   BoF NEWS - BIFMA Approves New Office Chair Standard
  •   Whiteboard - How to Design a Creative Brainstorming Space in the Office / Digital Workplace is Ineffective Without Workers' Technical Empowerment / Dystopian Office Tech uses Sensors to Track Workers' Every Move
  •   FIRST LOOKS - New products from Pallas Textiles, ERG, Nightingale, Spec, Designtex & Maharam
  •   So Much More Every Week - Industry Moments, Industry Portfolio, Hutch, Industry Events, The Stream, Industry Pulse, Industry Classifieds & Careers

Workplaces Magazine - February, 2017

  •   THE SKINNY ON CHEMISTRY: WORKPLACE SUSTAINABILITY - The office furniture industry considers itself to be ahead of the curve when it comes to sustainability regulations. Many in the industry's manufacturing sector have initiatives that go beyond compliance and view some environmental regulation as a low bar which they can clear with ease. From what we've seen, that claim is often justified. Kudos all around. So when we saw the recent EPA announcement about a new evaluation protocol under the Toxic Substance Control ACT (TSCA, pronounced "TOSCA" if you're in-the-know), we took notice.
  •   TRENDS | CLOUDFLARE OFFICES IN LONDON - UK-based Jump Studios has designed the first UK office for the Internet performance company Cloudflare. The design has transformed a former paper factory in London's Southwark area into a bright, efficient space, capable of accommodating a growing workforce of programmers and salespeople.
  •   URB-E: A LAST MILE SOLUTION - With 70% of the world's population living in urban cities by 2025, commuters will need efficient, compact and sustainable modes of transportation to get them from home to the office to everywhere inbetween. One solution to that problem is URB-E, a foldable, two-wheeled electric vehicle.
  •   FOR SMITHGROUP JJR, NEW OFFICE IS ALL ABOUT CHOICE - The SmithGroup's decision to move its offices happened for the same reason as many of its customers: The firm was growing and needed more space. So it decided to use its own office to test many of the latest workplace trends.
  •   ACOUSTIC HACKS TO COMBAT OFFICE DIN - Offices are a notorious soundscape of pings, creaks and echoes that reverberate incessantly: clothes rustling, furniture moving, doors opening, phones ringing and colleagues talking.
  •   COWORKING ISN'T JUST ABOUT WORK: WHY EVENTS ARE NEEDED IN SHARED SPACES - Co-working spaces are on the vanguard of workplace trends, forgoing the corporate model to form an innovative, professional community. But enticing membership rates and amenities are not enough to sustain a collective of otherwise disparate solopreneurs. Events act as social glue that promotes a friendly atmosphere of networking and business alliances. Learning how to plan the right mix of events will energize your members.
  •   "WORK MARTYRS" AND WHY THEY MUST BE STOPPED - Work martyrs, as defined by Project: Time Off, are employees who believe it is difficult to take vacation because no one else at the company can do their work while away, who want to show complete dedication to their company and job, who don't want to appear replaceable and who would feel guilty for using their paid time off.
  •   FINDING THE SPACE FOR MEDITATION AT WORK - The business benefits of meditation are numerous. So many people are searching for sacred spaces to clear their heads that meditation spots like MNDFL in New York City and The DEN in Los Angeles are booked solid throughout the day, offering 30-45 minutes of respite.
  •   POSTURE FRIENDLY FURNITURE JUST ONE PIECE OF THE HEALTHY OFFICE PUZZLE - Research shows sitting around all day is hazardous to your health. Physicians say sitting is the new smoking.
  •   PRODUCT MATTER - Reviews of Neutral Posture's Forearm Support, Goldtouch Wireless Semi-Vertical Mouse, Dihome's Mini Projector and Voke Tab natural Energy.

Business of Furniture - CIFF Special Edition - February 13, 2017

  •   39th CIFF (China International Furniture Fair) - The world’s largest furniture exhibition and the most important business platform in Asia, is opening soon in Guangzhou!
  •   The Fair is Held in 2 Phases - The second phase from March 28-31 is dedicated to the office furniture, commercial furniture, hotel furniture and furniture machinery & raw materials industries.

    Under the theme of Smart Office, Smart Work, with a total scale of 210,000 square meters, the Office Show is the world’s largest office furniture trade fair. It will bring together famous brands from countries and regions including China, Denmark, Australia, Korea, Malaysia, India, Thailand, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Chinese and foreign professional visitors, designer teams, medical & healthcare industry insiders and industry experts will gather to seize unlimited opportunities. A pleasant office environment and humanized office furniture have become one of the important factors to increase work efficiency and enhance cohesion among workmates.

    With the theme of "Better Life, Better Work", CIFF 2017 will spare no effort to enhance exhibition quality and provide excellent service, bringing closer connection among industry stakeholders. CIFF is the must-attend furniture industry event in Asia that provides all-round solutions for every attendee from afar.

  •   Guangzhou, China - Canton, or Guangzhou in Chinese, is the largest coastal city in South China, and the third largest city in the country, after Beijing and Shanghai, at all times a flourishing commercial centre, it is definitely one of the most prosperous cities in the country. Chaotic and lively, it unquestionably provides numerous opportunities for you to enjoy yourself and relax after the fair, and to return home with a full stock of memories and photographs.


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