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Midpoint Magazine - Mid-April, 2021

  •   JIM HEILBORN | SHOWROOM DESIGN – IT'S ABOUT THE MESSAGE AND PLACEMENT. - Does your showroom answer the question. "Why buy?" If not, it may be time for a new approach.
  •   STEFANIE INCE | INSIGHTS FROM THE INDEAL AND INDEAL CARES RETURN TO WORK SURVEY - INDEAL Cares, together with INDEAL, recently conducted a short survey to ask the industry for its thoughts and feelings on returning to the workplace over a year after the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  •   JULIA MACHADO | DEALER DESIGNER WORK HAS DRAMATICALLY CHANGED - The way dealer designers work has changed drastically. I am sure this is not the first time you have heard that. As dealer designers we have to be experts in the industry and in product knowledge.
  •   PMC COMMERCIAL INTERIORS USES NEW 'SUNDAY DRIVE' SHOWROOM TO GALVANIZE MESSAGE FOR ITS CAROLINA CUSTOMERS - To call PMC's Sunday Drive a showroom is an understatement. One of the drivers from the design side was to demonstrate to the marketplace that you can take an average building in this case and really change the interior to reflect something pretty dramatic.
  •   SKG CLIMBS RANKING OF FASTEST GROWING PRIVATE COMPANIES - SKG's revenue grew 86% from 2017 through 2019, the period used for the regional ranking. The company's 72 employees serve Austin, San Antonio, College Station and West Texas.
  •   THE EATON GROUP IS A MODEL FOR HOW REP GROUPS WORK BEST - Creating personal connections is key to Eaton's success. He organizes a group of about 20 dealers and manufacturers to visit Bandon Dunes Golf Resort on the southern coast of Oregon every February and has since the bucket list resort opened 20 years ago. Over the last four decades, Dave Eaton has worked as a rep in the furniture industry, so he has seen a few changes over the years.
  •   EZOBORD AND QUIET EARTH MOSS BECOME INDEAL'S NEWEST BRAND PARTNERS - EzoBord was an early pioneer in the field of design-driven acoustics, pushing the boundaries with a range of fully customizable acoustic products for ceiling, wall, division and furniture applications.
  •   COMMERCIAL FURNITURE DEALER EMPIRE OFFICE GROWS SALES LEADERSHIP IN NEW YORK AND SOUTH FLORIDA - Erica Cain and Elizabeth Irizarry have joined Empire Office, a provider of contract furniture solutions, in business development and sales leadership roles.
  •   FORBES RANKS FELLOWES BRANDS ONE OF AMERICA'S BEST MID-SIZED EMPLOYERS - "Our culture and this recognition is made possible by our devoted people who bring the spirit, care and positivity every day," said fourth-generation CEO John Fellowes.
  •   MC OFFICE FURNITURE PARTNERS WITH OFFICE FURNITURE HEAVEN - Marc Schwartzberg, OFH CEO, said, "Barry has a wonderful reputation in our industry. What has impressed me is his commitment to exceeding client expectations, no matter the size of the company. I'm eager to build on the outstanding foundation of excellence Barry and his team have provided to their clients over the years.
  •   MIEN CATALOG NOW AVAILABLE IN 2020 OFFICE SOFTWARE - MiEN Environments has a full product line for K-12 and higher education facilities, including tables, chairs, soft seating, whiteboards, mobile storage and more.

Business of Furniture - April 14, 2021

  •   KIRKBRIDE: We Need to Rediscover Inspiration - If you are lacking inspiration, look around you. It's still there. And coming out of the pandemic, it needs to be cultivated and encouraged. After all, the world is counting on us to show it the way back to normal.
  •   Indoor Air Quality One Key to Return to Office - Poor indoor air quality can cause acute immediate effects and long-term chronic effects as well — everything from respiratory illness to issues around ability to focus.
  •   Reducing Anxiety and Creating Comfort in the Home — Experts in Corporate Design Share Tips - With all the challenges COVID has dolled out over the past year, it's a bitter Catch 22 that in order to handle the stress of doing everything at home now — living, working, parenting, schooling — we need stress-free homes.
  •   Latest BIFMA 180° Webinar Focuses on Healthcare - Digital wellness solutions are taking hold, much more so on the heels of the pandemic. Health care spaces in the future might not be physical health care spaces at all.
  •   CIFF in China Sees More Than 357,000 Visitors - During the Office Show, the leading brands of the sector showed countless innovative solutions for work environments capable of responding to the demands of companies in constant evolution with the objective of increasing performance and productivity, improving well-being and security and inspiring new ideas.
  •   Tarkett's New Corporate Social & Environmental Responsibility Report Shows Shift to Second Chapter in its Sustainability Strategy - Tarkett has partnered with Carbonfund to create the industry's broadest portfolio of third-party verified carbon neutral flooring solutions.
  •   Stephen Says - "Designer Says: RH = Real Headache! " - by Stephen Viscusi - OK, here is why I decided to write. I have seen you mention Restoration Hardware many times in your column, and they are all over the news with their stock value growth, surpassed only by Tesla. It's OK if Warren Buffet keeps getting richer, but my problem is RH is affecting my business.
  •   Training & Development - "What Did I Learn Today?" - by Sid Meadows - If you follow me, you know I'm an avid learner. I'm always exploring new ideas, ways to improve, new processes, new tools and resources. I learn in a variety of ways, including listening to podcasts, reading, taking online courses, attending seminars and joining in the conversations on Clubhouse.
  •   Upfront: Keilhauer Receives Four Awards for GOOD DESIGN - "This is the sixth consecutive year we have received the esteem of GOOD DESIGN," said President Mike Keilhauer. "We are very proud to see our contract designs be so well received."
  •   Product Spotlight: Trendway Introduces Elea - Trendway has launched Elea, an innovative task chair designed to kinetically move you. Its distinct aesthetic originates from a suspended seat pan that promotes micromovements and energetic motion, allowing users to continuously move while seated.
  •   PLACES - BMI Offices – Quito
  •   FIRST LOOKS - Concertex, Aracdia, Palmer Hamilton, Turf Design, Carnegie
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Workplaces Magazine - April, 2021

  •   HOW I'M WORKING: BY KIM MELKA - Working at the office doesn't necessarily mean working at a desk. Afternoon team building and socializing occurs more often than it used to.
  •   UNIQUE PLACES WORK HAPPENED IN 2020 (AND 2021) - The definition of the "third place" is an area or building that people can come and network, cowork, and escape from the home and office. It's usually a church, library, or most popular - coffee shop. Today it seems we work anywhere and everywhere because nearly 60% of the American population are still not at the office.
  •   NEW STUDY: MAJORITY OF WFH EMPLOYEES DON'T WANT TO RETURN TO THE POST-COVID WORKPLACE - Over half of employees say that working from home would give them a better quality of life and lead to greater job satisfaction. Research shows 40% of people would take a pay cut if it meant they could work from home.
  •   WHY YOUR WORKPLACE NEEDS TO STANDARDIZE AV TECHNOLOGY - Even if an organization is only managing a small campus or just one building, giving employees consistency will increase their satisfaction and productivity. When WeWork experienced a period of rapid global expansion, it was difficult to adhere to the AV standards at each location. Some of the issues that arose during this period underlined the importance of standardizing AV systems across countries for global organizations.
  •   OUR DISREGARD FOR CLEAN INDOOR AIR IS COSTING LIVES - We need to keep our people healthy, our buildings healthy and our communities healthy. Portable, professional-grade air cleaning systems are a powerful tool to help us achieve this. Although this pandemic is our most urgent crisis, if there's a silver lining, it's that we've gotten a lot smarter about why indoor air safety matters.
  •   THE BRAVE NEW WORLD OF WORK: WHAT EMPLOYERS CAN EXPECT IN THE POST-PANDEMIC WORLD - Research indicates that 80% of company leaders plan to permit remote work after the pandemic. The absolute best way to erase divides between groups, is to unite them in a common goal — and what better goal than a purpose-driven company? While the new world of work presents unique challenges to employers and employees, it also presents new opportunities to advance workforce trends that benefit both parties.
  •   WHAT A MULTI-GENERATIONAL STAFF TAUGHT ME ABOUT TEAM CULTURE - Getting your team on board starts with consistency. Values that are practiced as much as they're preached. Professional development that focuses on shared goals. Quarterly updates that hammer home the big wins and shared accomplishments. No matter their age, people lean in when they feel like they're being heard.
  •   SPACESMITH DEBUTS HEADQUARTERS DESIGN FOR NEW YORK LEGAL ASSISTANCE GROUP, LEADER IN ACCESS TO JUSTICE - NYLAG is the latest in Spacesmith's nationally recognized record of work for nonprofit and human service organizations. Flexibility in the office design also supports productivity. Examples include the conference room tables, which have access to power similar to a benching system and can be configured into work areas to accommodate the organization's annual influx of interns.
  •   OCCUPANCY DATA THAT COUNTS - The pandemic is forcing companies to pause and take a hard look at their portfolios. This is a moment to use people counting not only to improve occupant safety but migrate one step closer to smart buildings.
  •   REVIEWS - Etc. Bernadette Bean Bag / Sunlight Inside mySun Lamp / BlendJet2 Portable Blender


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