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Business of Furniture - May 24, 2017

  •   UPFRONT: Clerkenwell Design Week Gets Underway in London - Though the opening day was subdued because of the terrorist bombing in Manchester the night before, CDW managing director Daren Newton said the show must go on while offering thoughts and prayers to the victims.
  •   Mission Impossible? Hackett is Right for Ford, but Task Might be Too Big for Anyone - Many in the office furniture industry are stunned by the news, but don't doubt that he can make the tough decisions needed to jumpstart Ford.
  •   Contract Furniture's Tectonic SHIFT - As we look at the change that will likely come in this industry, we have to look at those who have the most appetite to embrace change. Today, that's the dealer.
  •   NeoCon Guide to Special Events & Features
  •   CoLaboration - Al Everett - The One Magic Question That will Change Client Conversations
  •   Stephen Says - The Do's and Don't's of Interviewing at NeoCon - by Stephen Viscusi
  •   PLACES - PetSure, Sydney, Australia
  •   Holistics to Aid the Workplace Community - The design of the workplace can act as a conduit in bringing people together or the opposite — it can unintentionally keep people apart. Clearly we have to remain realistic and be mindful of the impact of management frameworks and organizational culture.
  •   Components Shine at Interzum in Cologne - Unless you hail from Europe, chances are that you missed attending this amazing event. Chances are good you have never even heard much about it. And, that ought to change.
  •   BoF PULSE NEWS - Accessible furniture innovators Muzo announce NeoCon showcase events / Danker Named Steelcase 2017 Premier Partner / Indiana Furniture Facility Certified for Workplace Safety and Health Programs / National Office Furniture's Essay, Fold, and Whimsy Products Earn the GEI Seal of Endorsement
  •   Whiteboard - Mapping Presence in Virtual Reality Environments / Stan Stands Out From the Standing Desk Crowd / Home Workers More Likely to Sustain Work-Related Injuries than People based in Offices
  •   FIRST LOOKS - New products from izzy+ and Via
  •   So Much More Every Week - Regional Industry News Brief, Industry Moments, Industry Portfolio, Hutch, Industry Events, The Stream, Industry Pulse, Industry Classifieds & Careers

Workplaces Magazine - May, 2017

  •   JLL - FUTURE OF WORK STUDY - Executives will look toward the future of work as an agile and adaptable model for achieving ambitions in an environment where stability is an illusion or, worse, a sign of stagnation.
  •   MYTHBUSTERS - Challenging workplace assumptions.
  •   TRENDS - OTTO CAMPUS COWORKING OFFICES - HAMBURG - Around the heart of the space – an arena for presentations, speeches or panel discussions with over 100 guests – there have been built meeting areas, lounges, quiet rooms, work- and flex benches as well as a café.
  •   WORKPLACE 3.0 / SALONE UFFICIO - There are some cool new products, lots of ideas and a fair number of visitors to the office area of the show (actually, iSalone is made up of many events running together).
  •   CBRE FURNITURE FORUM: UNRAVELING FURNITURE FRUSTRATIONS - The topic was explosive: How can we improve the furniture buying process? The idea was to gather designers, office furniture dealers and manufacturers at CBRE's Chicago office and hash out a process many believe is, at best, inefficient and at its worst, broken.
  •   WHY SEATING STILL MATTERS - Since the introduction of the task chair decades ago, office dwellers have had many options to chose from, but almost all of them came with a large price tag. There are still plenty of affordable chairs around.
  •   OM PUTS THE FUN AND FUNCTION IN SEATING - OM believes in sweating the details so when their chairs make it to offices around the country, they will be perfect for the workers sitting in them.
  •   ALLSEATING'S NAME SAYS IT ALL - As Allseating delves more into design, it is changing the way those who specify furniture perceive the company.
  •   PUT A POSITIVE SPIN ON BIKING TO WORK - A bike-friendly workplace is also important to job seekers, even though it's often an underappreciated component of the hiring process.
  •   REFINING REEFER: COULD CANNABIS CULTURE IN THE WORKPLACE BRING FOCUS AND CREATIVITY? - Increasingly, people of all walks of life are using marijuana in small amounts throughout the day to be more focused and creative on the job.
  •   PRODUCT MATTER - BOSS Design's new Trinetic Chair, the very unusual CoreChair, Screen Mom Natural Screen Cleaner, and Paperpro Staplers.
  •   RESEARCH: TODAY'S WORKFORCE CRAVES FLEXIBLE OFFICES - Technology and Information are forcing commercial real estate to adapt a more flexible model.
  •   CHARTING - Improve Your Wellness In The Workplace / CoWorking
  •   ENDMATTER - It could be that the Chinese have the perfect napping product for the old-fashion cuble centered workplace.


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