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Business of Furniture - December 5, 2018

  •   Baker Manufacturing Company to be Sold - Baker Manufacturing Company, which distributes and manufactures its height-adjustable furniture products under the JRB Studio brand, has announced its shareholders have decided to sell the company.
  •   Design Thinking Helps Make Sense of a Complex World - Design thinking has long been a major theme in the office furniture world because creating work environments is essentially about shaping experiences. After graduating from MIT, Ela Ben-Ur went to work for the renowned innovation firm IDEO, helping companies design products. These days, she is teaching the ways design thinking can apply to people's lives — whether planning a graduation, a conference or a curriculum.
  •   Claridge Adds to the 'MIX' - Over the last few years, while maintaining its reputation for quality and service, Claridge added beautiful design to its new products with the help of Qdesign. The embrace of design is a huge move for Claridge, which is a family owned business.
  •   ASID 3rd Quarter 2018 Interior Design Billings Index 'subpar'; Future Looks Brighter - Third quarter billings remain "sub-par," but inquiries are picking up, according to the index. The good news is the six-month outlook shows stronger business conditions are expected.
  •   Seattle Dealer Founder, Rep Craig Haskell Dies at 76 - Amy Haskell (daughter), Megan Gasperetti (granddaughter), along with Piper Dickens (longtime colleague and friend) are carrying on his legacy at The Haskell Group.
  •   ASID Shares Research Findings as Part of Impact of Design Series - Located on Alfred DuPont's 300-acre estate, the hospital is set amid a beautiful, parklike setting of oaks and green lawns.
  •   Stephen Says - "You're Cursing At Work? Are you F&@#$ng Kidding Me?" - by Stephen Viscusi
  •   PLACES - JPMorgan Chase Regional Headquarters – Plano
  •   FIRST LOOKS - The latest Product Introductions from Teknion, BDI, Unika Vaev and Wolf-Gordon
  •   So Much More Every Week - Regional Industry News Brief, Industry Moments, Industry Portfolio, Hutch, Industry Events, The Stream, Industry Pulse, Industry Classifieds & Careers

Workplaces Magazine - December, 2018 & January, 2019

  •   WHERE I'M WORKING: CHOO CHOO GRILL, GRAND RAPIDS - The Choo Choo Grill definitely bucks the trend found in major metro areas around the country where some restaurants are doing double duty as coworking spaces during the day before switching to serve diners at night.
  •   WORKSPACE OF THE FUTURE - The way business gets done is changing — the pace of technological innovation coupled with societal change is redefining enterprise technologies, architecture and processes. By 2020, 50 percent of the total Global workforce will be millennials; 40 percent of information will be stored or processed by cloud computing; and IoT will lead to more than 20 billion connected devices globally.
  •   WHY YOUR WORKPLACE NEEDS A WALKING PATH - One of most accessible and cost-effective forms of exercise to incorporate into the workplace is walking. Inactivity spanning our professional and personal lives is a leading culprit of many preventable health conditions. Embracing workplace wellness has benefits beyond lower insurance premiums though, such as fostering collaboration, creativity, and productivity.
  •   AGILE WORKFLOW INNOVATION AND THE SPACE THAT SUPPORTS IT - The word "agile" is heavily used in the practice of workplace design. Sometimes it's interchangeably used with terms like "flexible" and "mobile." Architects and designers use these words in their discussions around how to create workspace that responds to continuously shifting business needs.
  •   A GUIDE TO WORKING FROM HOME - If it seems like more people are working from home, it's because they are. Thanks to telecommuting technology and research from experts like Cornell University's Nicholas Bloom, companies are becoming more lax about location requirements. One of the best parts about working from home is the opportunity to create a comfortable and motivational workspace. But with great power comes great responsibility.
  •   CANCER DOESN'T MEAN THE END OF EMPLOYMENT - Working after a cancer diagnosis has a wide range of challenges. From choosing whether or not to disclose it to working out accommodations with an employer or experiencing discrimination, the fear of being treated differently is real and causes a lot of stress. According to statistics Cancer + Careers compiled through its research, 1.68 million people in the U.S are diagnosed with cancer each year. There are 15.5 million survivors currently, and with the advancement of technology and medicine, that number will continue to grow.
  •   PRODUCT MATTER - Poked, prodded and tested products for you.
  •   CIFF RE-INVENTED FOR 2019 - Once primarily for Chinese professionals, the platform has come to include a growing number of international attendees and buyers. Out of CIFF's 200,000 visitors and professionals, 30,000 come from outside of China, which is more than any other Chinese fair or show. The very best in Chinese design and quality and the most sought after products will be on display.


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