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We deliver a platform to reach facility managers, specifiers, interior designers, reps and dealers who seek insightful, strategic coverage of the contract furnishings industry as a front-and-center concern. We cover the industry from a strategic point of view, concentrating on quality analysis and independently written articles, helping you understand the business better.

Our competitive edge lies within its highly targeted and fully paid subscriber base - you’re investing to reach an extremely qualified audience. It’s more affordable on a per-page basis than broad interior design based monthly publications, and it’s more affordable on a CPM basis than in-market publications. Better yet, none of your media buy is wasted: we pinpoint the industry professionals who are specifically focused on contract furnishings.

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2024 Bellow Press Media Kit

Updated: March 28, 2024

Includes pricing information and editorial calendars for Business of Furniture through January, 2025.

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