Workplaces Magazine - May, 2017

  •   JLL - FUTURE OF WORK STUDY - Executives will look toward the future of work as an agile and adaptable model for achieving ambitions in an environment where stability is an illusion or, worse, a sign of stagnation.
  •   MYTHBUSTERS - Challenging workplace assumptions.
  •   TRENDS - OTTO CAMPUS COWORKING OFFICES - HAMBURG - Around the heart of the space – an arena for presentations, speeches or panel discussions with over 100 guests – there have been built meeting areas, lounges, quiet rooms, work- and flex benches as well as a café.
  •   WORKPLACE 3.0 / SALONE UFFICIO - There are some cool new products, lots of ideas and a fair number of visitors to the office area of the show (actually, iSalone is made up of many events running together).
  •   CBRE FURNITURE FORUM: UNRAVELING FURNITURE FRUSTRATIONS - The topic was explosive: How can we improve the furniture buying process? The idea was to gather designers, office furniture dealers and manufacturers at CBRE's Chicago office and hash out a process many believe is, at best, inefficient and at its worst, broken.
  •   WHY SEATING STILL MATTERS - Since the introduction of the task chair decades ago, office dwellers have had many options to chose from, but almost all of them came with a large price tag. There are still plenty of affordable chairs around.
  •   OM PUTS THE FUN AND FUNCTION IN SEATING - OM believes in sweating the details so when their chairs make it to offices around the country, they will be perfect for the workers sitting in them.
  •   ALLSEATING'S NAME SAYS IT ALL - As Allseating delves more into design, it is changing the way those who specify furniture perceive the company.
  •   PUT A POSITIVE SPIN ON BIKING TO WORK - A bike-friendly workplace is also important to job seekers, even though it's often an underappreciated component of the hiring process.
  •   REFINING REEFER: COULD CANNABIS CULTURE IN THE WORKPLACE BRING FOCUS AND CREATIVITY? - Increasingly, people of all walks of life are using marijuana in small amounts throughout the day to be more focused and creative on the job.
  •   PRODUCT MATTER - BOSS Design's new Trinetic Chair, the very unusual CoreChair, Screen Mom Natural Screen Cleaner, and Paperpro Staplers.
  •   RESEARCH: TODAY'S WORKFORCE CRAVES FLEXIBLE OFFICES - Technology and Information are forcing commercial real estate to adapt a more flexible model.
  •   CHARTING - Improve Your Wellness In The Workplace / CoWorking
  •   ENDMATTER - It could be that the Chinese have the perfect napping product for the old-fashion cuble centered workplace.

Workplaces Magazine - April, 2017

  •   TRENDS | CLOUDFLARE LONDON - London-based architecture and interiors practice Jump Studios (a Populous Company) has designed the first UK office for Internet performance and security company Cloudflare in London.
  •   LEARNING TO STORYTELL - Data visualization in the workplace. Information is everywhere. We are constantly surrounded by new facts and data; it's impossible to get away from them. Together, technology and the Internet have increased our data exposure to unprecedented levels.
  •   THE EFFECT OF INDIVIDUALIZED WORK SETTINGS ON PRODUCTIVITY AND WELL-BEING - This research looks at the evolution of office environments and examines how present day activity-based work environments support employee personalities and work modes. From multi-tiered incentives to volunteer-run initiatives, workplace wellness programs come in all shapes and sizes. With some businesses covering up to 80 percent of their employees' insurance costs, companies are eager to balance health expenditures.
  •   WORKTECH17 NEW YORK RETURNS TO MANHATTAN FOR ITS 8TH ANNUAL FUTURE OF WORK CONFERENCE - The future of work is on everyone's agenda, and WORKTECH17 brings thought leaders together from North America and Europe on May 4th.
  •   CASE STUDY: REINVENTING AN ICON - A NEW HQ HELPS THE NEW LA-Z-BOY - A company that thrives for nearly a century is exceptional. A company with a product that's a household name and brings a smile to faces everywhere, that's a rarity. La-Z-Boy has long enjoyed such status.
  •   PUMP UP WELLNESS WITH FITWEL CERTIFICATION - From multi-tiered incentives to volunteer-run initiatives, workplace wellness programs come in all shapes and sizes.
  •   THE 'SMART' OPEN OFFICE - High-performing businesses recognize the competitive advantage they gain by supporting their employees' well-being. Open office planning has received some negative press lately, as the workplace trend drew complaints for noise, interruption and employee dissatisfaction.
  •   THE RIGHT LIGHTING CAN MAKE ALL THE DIFFERENCE - One aspect of design not always delved into on an individual basis is lighting, but the impact it has on a space should not be underestimated.
  •   THE SCIENCE OF FEELING - More and more, philosophy and sacred science is making its way into the contemporary interior design process.
  •   PRODUCT MATTER - This month you'll find reviews of ESI's Evolve2 monitor arm, Loctek's Flexispot Desk Riser, Tetley Super Tea for Focusing, and Targus' compact blue trace mouse.
  •   HOW TO HONE YOUR HUMILITY: SEVEN TIPS TO HELP YOU LEARN THE ESSENTIAL SKILL SET FOR OUTSMARTING SMART MACHINES - The journey to becoming a more humble person will not be short. It will take persistent hard work, and it will be a lifelong endeavor.
  •   ENDMATTER - Asia Raising Rapidly in Office Furniture World

Workplaces Magazine - March, 2017

  •   TRENDS | FULLSCREEN OFFICES, NEW YORK CITY - Rapt Studio has designed the new offices of youth media company Fullscreen, located in New York City. For this global youth media company, home is where the content is. And Fullscreen is how you find it. The young startup, featuring videos made by creators around the world, wanted their space to reflect the community they've created and inspire everyone inside.
  •   A FURNITURE SHOW IS HAPPENING IN CHINA: HOW IT WILL CHANGE THE WAY YOU WORK - Show organizers say the "Made in China" label connotation is less and less that of poor quality and low price, and instead is now able to provide appropriate and tangible solutions even for a medium-high client sector target.
  •   STATE OF THE MARKET: OCCUPIER PERSPECTIVE - The latest research from Cushman & Wakefield.
  •   A PLACE OF THEIR OWN: HERMAN MILLER AND IBOTTA TEAM UP TO CREATE IDYLLIC LIVING WORKSPACE - Employees of the tech company were overwhelmed with excitement and pride when they moved from a windowless, cramped (former fire station) basement workspace to an entire floor in Denver's tallest high-rise last March.
  •   THE GROWING VALUE OF OUTDOOR WORKSPACE - For years, designers, architects and facility managers have been measuring and improving interior workspace. But, as technology untethers us from set work locations and workplace cultures relax, attention is turning to activate and measure dormant outdoor space with the same fervor.
  •   STREAMLINING FOR SUCCESS WITH PROGRESSLY IN THE WORKPLACE - Having received $6 million in funding, the company's technology consolidates these workplace processes with one standard, making it simpler to perform daily team tasks and projects.
  •   MARCH MADNESS COSTS ECONOMY $1.9 BILLION (AND HOW TO DEAL WITH IT IN THE OFFICE) - Recent statistics reveal March Madness has become more popular than ever, thanks in large part to the worldwide betting on the games.
  •   WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW BEFORE YOU TAKE A STAND - Unless you live under a rock you have probably heard that "Sitting is the New Smoking" or maybe that "Your Chair is Killing You." We can thank James Levine of the Mayo Clinic for really bringing this subject into the spotlight back in 2014 when he published his research on NEAT, Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis. NEAT is the energy expended for everything we do that is not sleeping, eating or sports-like exercise.
  •   WORKPLACES - DESIGNING EXPERIENCES - Brand new research from Gensler on the latest trends in workplace design. The new workplace is a moving target - as organizations flatten, collaboration increases, and technology frees workers from their desks.
  •   PRODUCT MATTER - This month you'll find reviews of ESI Lustre LED Task Light, Beyouneeq's Wipenote Dry Erase Notebook, and the Master Lock Bluetooth Indoor Padlock. which, to be fair, didn't impress us.
  •   ENDMATTER - Bob - New lounge seating from Swedish designers Stefan Borselius and Thomas Bernstand. Why are People Searching for Better Places to Work? Microsoft's new offices in Milan. Metal Wall features transforms outdated office lobby.

Workplaces Magazine - February, 2017

  •   THE SKINNY ON CHEMISTRY: WORKPLACE SUSTAINABILITY - The office furniture industry considers itself to be ahead of the curve when it comes to sustainability regulations. Many in the industry's manufacturing sector have initiatives that go beyond compliance and view some environmental regulation as a low bar which they can clear with ease. From what we've seen, that claim is often justified. Kudos all around. So when we saw the recent EPA announcement about a new evaluation protocol under the Toxic Substance Control ACT (TSCA, pronounced "TOSCA" if you're in-the-know), we took notice.
  •   TRENDS | CLOUDFLARE OFFICES IN LONDON - UK-based Jump Studios has designed the first UK office for the Internet performance company Cloudflare. The design has transformed a former paper factory in London's Southwark area into a bright, efficient space, capable of accommodating a growing workforce of programmers and salespeople.
  •   URB-E: A LAST MILE SOLUTION - With 70% of the world's population living in urban cities by 2025, commuters will need efficient, compact and sustainable modes of transportation to get them from home to the office to everywhere inbetween. One solution to that problem is URB-E, a foldable, two-wheeled electric vehicle.
  •   FOR SMITHGROUP JJR, NEW OFFICE IS ALL ABOUT CHOICE - The SmithGroup's decision to move its offices happened for the same reason as many of its customers: The firm was growing and needed more space. So it decided to use its own office to test many of the latest workplace trends.
  •   ACOUSTIC HACKS TO COMBAT OFFICE DIN - Offices are a notorious soundscape of pings, creaks and echoes that reverberate incessantly: clothes rustling, furniture moving, doors opening, phones ringing and colleagues talking.
  •   COWORKING ISN'T JUST ABOUT WORK: WHY EVENTS ARE NEEDED IN SHARED SPACES - Co-working spaces are on the vanguard of workplace trends, forgoing the corporate model to form an innovative, professional community. But enticing membership rates and amenities are not enough to sustain a collective of otherwise disparate solopreneurs. Events act as social glue that promotes a friendly atmosphere of networking and business alliances. Learning how to plan the right mix of events will energize your members.
  •   "WORK MARTYRS" AND WHY THEY MUST BE STOPPED - Work martyrs, as defined by Project: Time Off, are employees who believe it is difficult to take vacation because no one else at the company can do their work while away, who want to show complete dedication to their company and job, who don't want to appear replaceable and who would feel guilty for using their paid time off.
  •   FINDING THE SPACE FOR MEDITATION AT WORK - The business benefits of meditation are numerous. So many people are searching for sacred spaces to clear their heads that meditation spots like MNDFL in New York City and The DEN in Los Angeles are booked solid throughout the day, offering 30-45 minutes of respite.
  •   POSTURE FRIENDLY FURNITURE JUST ONE PIECE OF THE HEALTHY OFFICE PUZZLE - Research shows sitting around all day is hazardous to your health. Physicians say sitting is the new smoking.
  •   PRODUCT MATTER - Reviews of Neutral Posture's Forearm Support, Goldtouch Wireless Semi-Vertical Mouse, Dihome's Mini Projector and Voke Tab natural Energy.

Workplaces Magazine - December, 2016 / January, 2017

  •   WEST ELM PLANTS SEEDS IN BROOKLYN - Home furnishings retailer West Elm's workforce moved into its new DUMBO offices (a Brooklyn neighborhood that gets its name because it is Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass) in August and since taking possession of the space, it has become a living laboratory for its West Elm Workspace with Inscape brand while serving as a hip hub for its 320 employees. And what a space it is. West Elm was committed to staying in its home in Brooklyn, where the company was founded in 2002.
  •   GEN XER FINDS PLACE AT HONG KONG WE WORK - We Work has made a huge investment in Hong Kong with the development of two sites in the city — one in Causeway Bay and the other in Wanchai — for a combined total of 15 floors. Like We Work offices in other cities around the world, there are common areas on each floor with coffee and beer taps, "phone booths" for private calls and communal copy machines.
  •   POWER UP YOUR WORKSPACE: CHARGING OPTIONS FOR ACTIVE OFFICES - While mobile devices (like all the ones we carry every day) have liberated us from working at a single spot throughout the day, that pesky issue of battery life remains. Many offices were designed in an era when electrical sockets along the walls were more than sufficient for our desktop devices. Now that layouts are flexible and dynamic, supporting new configurations with power can be a challenge. In this feature you'll find some charging solutions that will keep employees connected no matter where they work.
  •   INSIDESALES.COM & DATA MINING THE GREAT MILLENNIAL SHIFT - Millennials have officially surpassed baby boomers as the nation's largest living generation, dominating the workforce and causing businesses to scramble to meet their demands. You may be thinking, "not another article about millennials," but — spoiler alert — this one will have an interesting twist.
  •   PRODUCT MATTERS - If you do a lot of writing, you understand what an important tool a pen like the Ti2 TechLiner still is in this digital world. The new MacBook Pro is faster, thinner and lighter. The company touts its new MacBooks for an even brighter, more colorful display as well. It is one of the most technically advanced work tools ever built. Though it is a great machine, it still has a couple of grumble-worthy features as well.
  •   VITRA OUTLINES WORK AT ORGATEC - When the organizers of Orgatec approached Vitra Chief Executive Officer Nora Fehlbaum about taking an entire hall at the biennial trade fair in Cologne, Germany, she declined. How would a single company fill out an entire 12,000 square meter hall into a cohesive story about its brand, even one as iconic as Vitra? Upon reflection, Fehlbaum said she started to see it as an opportunity to curate an environment that went beyond office furniture.
  •   "GET TO THE HEART" BOOK BY TED FRANK - Everyone who has walked into an office to work has sat through mind-numbing presentations. They are the bane of office dwellers everywhere. But what if everyone put the movie industry's storytelling secrets into their presentations to make them clear and compelling?
  •   PERSONAL BRANDING IS A BUSINESS IMPERATIVE - Many companies and business professionals tend to be unaware of how they perform as a brand and how important a brand is.
  •   WHAT MAKES A WORKPLACE GREAT FOR WOMEN? - Recognizing talent, as well as the competitive advantages and skills women in the workplace provide, has been key to Transwestern's success in the industry.

Workplaces Magazine - November, 2016

  •   DISTRACTION & VIRTUAL REALITY - WORKPLACE TECH - Tech in the workplace is vital to communication, both externally and within organizations. We are surounded by screens– laptops, phones, tablets, televisions– and while they are all necessary to the everyday work we do, they also cause distraction and loss of focus on that very same work.
  •   JLL'S OFFICE OUTLOOK - Neither Brexit nor summer vacation were able to slow the office leasing market during the third quarter and by the end of September, U.S. leasing volume totaled nearly 60 million square feet—4.4 percent higher than the fourth-quarter trailing average—and expansionary leases comprised the largest share of 20,000-square-foot-and-larger leases at 47.1 percent.
  •   FROM THE STREETS OF SPAIN TO THE DEPARTMENT STORES OF AMERICA: SOLUDOS NURTURES ITS SOLE - When Nick Brown was a boy, he often traveled to Spain from his native England on holiday where he loved the laid-back Spanish lifestyle. Life there seemed to slow down with things getting done on their own time, poco a poco (little by little). And for Brown, those memories are embodied by the shoes he wore while on vacation: espadrilles..
  •   FURNITURE MAKERS: PREPARE AS GEN Z ENTERS THE OFFICE, MORE CHANGE IS COMING - So, who is Generation Z and what types of offices will they need to succeed now that Millennials have changed the conversation?
  •   HOW AN EVENT IN COLOGNE, GERMANY WILL CHANGE THE WAY YOU WORK - Once every two years, an office furniture show is held in Cologne, Germany, that will define the way you work, how the office will look and what the workplace will be for years to come.
  •   REMASTERING A CLASSIC: HERMAN MILLER LAUNCHES NEW AERON - Herman Miller has enhanced the chair by combining the latest insights since Aeron was first launched in 1994.
  •   THE PHENOMENON KNOWN AS AERON - A certain, reliable cash cow for Herman Miller.
  •   PERSONAL BRANDING IS A BUSINESS IMPERATIVE - Many companies and business professionals tend to be unaware of how they perform as a brand and how important a brand is.
  •   PRODUCT MATTERS - Who needs an organizer when you have a smart phone? I get it. Digitally organizing one's life is wonderful. But for those of us who need to write things down — ideas, contacts, events — there's nothing like a Filofax Personal Organizer. Also Microsoft's Universal Foldable Keyboard, Aromatherapy for the workplace and Amped Bluetooth Neck Bands.
  •   COWORKING: A CORPORATE REAL ESTATE PERSPECTIVE - An unfamiliar concept 10 years ago and poorly understood even now, coworking is one of the fastest-growing sectors of the commercial real estate market. In the few years since the concept began to take hold, the industry has grown to include more than 11,000 shared workspaces around the globe.
  •   END MATTER - Nissan has collaborated with UK-based design workshop studio Hardie to transform its zero emission 'E-NV200 van into the world's first all-electric mobile office–the 'ENV200 workspace'.

Workplaces Magazine - October, 2016

  •   TEXTILE EVOLUTION IN THE WORKPLACE - THE FUTURE OF TECH - The "golden era" for contract textiles began with the advent of the cubicle in the open office. These so-called cube farms translated into large canvases for the color and texture of textiles. These soft materials aided in delivering the acoustic absorbency and privacy that 60", 72", and even 84" high panel systems provided. Toward the end of end of the millennium, the industry realized that panel heights were beginning to come down, leaving less room for fabric. Textile manufacturers certainly took notice as they saw yardage-per-workstation shrinking.
  •   THE RISE OF CO-WORKING - As one of the fastest-growing workplace movements of the last decade, co-working enables people from diverse backgrounds to work together in a common space. The number of co-working spaces around the world has increased by nearly 700 per cent since 2011. Globally, an estimated half a million people work in more than 7,800 shared workspaces today, a number which is expected to climb to 37,000 over the next two years.
  •   MARY KAY GOES PINK IN SHANGHAI - Mary Kay's Shanghai headquarters is a testament to the brand and the Chinese market's growing thirst for beauty products. And that beauty is reflected in the space, a remarkable office that holds the company's founding principles of empowering women and entrepreneurship dear.
  •   SWEAT DREAMS ARE MADE OF THIS - DREAM (Dundee Real Estate Asset Management) recently remodeled its space in a way that shows how an office building created to celebrate individual achievement can be transformed into a showplace of collaboration.
  •   TURNING VIRTUAL GAMES INTO OFFICE REALITY - FunPlus is a mobile, social gaming company that puts fun first for players worldwide. The company's signature game, "Family Farm," is enjoyed by more than 6 million players each day and growing. Founded in 2010, FunPlus employs more than 400 people and is headquartered in Beijing, China, with offices in San Francisco and Vancouver. By focusing its market in Europe and the Middle East, it is number six on Facebook's gaming list, and number one in China.
  •   HARD WORK LEADS TO HARD PLAY FOR CEOS - Executives who compete in the CEO Challenges get a first-class experience at the event.
  •   LUNCHTIME YOGA SESSIONS LEAD TO CUBEFIT - It is urgent that companies lay a more holistic foundation for controlling organizational stress.
  •   PRODUCT MATTERS - After many miles and more years than I care to admit, it was time for a new bag to carry my laptop, other electronics and various things I carry to and from work and when I travel. •Now there is an affordable solution to help us overcome the lack of color memory or the ability to match colors. But the COLOR MUSE can do much more than just match paint. •My favorite currency converter is a free app. •How about rechargeable batteries that already come charged?
  •   RESEARCH: THE DRIVE TOWARD HEALTHIER BUILDINGS 2016 - 75% of owners want to achieve improved employee/tenant satisfaction when they invest in healthier buildings, but only 68% of architects, 51% of contractors and 41% of interior designers see this as a top goal for their clients.

Workplaces Magazine - September, 2016

  •   JLL'S OFFICE OUTLOOK 2Q 2016 - The first half of 2016 has, no doubt, been filled with surprises, but results from the second quarter indicate that office markets across the United States remain stable and are, in many cases, still growing. Expanding tenants drove further occupancy gains during the quarter, which were most pronounced in tech and Sun Belt markets where demand has been both persistent and growing.
  •   DISCOVER FINANCIAL CREATES URBAN HUB FOR CHICAGO EMPLOYEES - About 16 percent of Discover Financial Services' Chicago-area workforce — more than 3,000 people — live in the city and must commute to the company's Riverwoods headquarters. In ideal traffic conditions, which isn't often in one of the most snarled cities in the world, it takes about an hour to drive from Chicago to Riverwoods, a suburb northwest of downtown.
  •   DESIGN GROUP LEADS THE WAY WITH MOVE INTO OFFICE OF THE FUTURE - When you are the American Society of Interior Designers, workplace design matters, especially your own. So when the interior design group decided to move into a new headquarters in Washington, D.C., the organization knew it had to create a space that was not only functional for its own employees, but inspirational for its membership. The space had to reflect the best attributes of a workplace, but also the best thinking and best practices of an entire profession.
  •   POKEMON AS A WAY TO LOSE WEIGHT AT WORK? - The HealthyWager is an individual weight loss challenge where participants select their weight loss goal, decide on how long they want to take to lose the weight and how much they want to bet on their success, and then win if they successfully reach their goal.
  •   LACTATION ROOMS HELP WORKING MOTHERS TRANSITION BACK TO OFFICE - Lactation support can lower turnover rates, medical costs, sick time and absenteeism while improving productivity, morale and retention.
  •   FIREPLACES FIND A PLACE IN OFFICES - As humans, we naturally gravitate to fire and fireplaces. Fireplaces invite us to relax, linger and calm down. Wouldn't it be great to have a fireplace in an office, a place where stress is often high and clear thinking is critical?
  •   ALL-IN-ONE WORKSTATION DESIGNED AROUND USER - What started as a project to help a friend work through an injury turned into a business model to create the ultimate healthy workstation. Che Voigt and his business partner, John Speicher — he's the guy who was injured — went to work designing the Altwork Station and building a business around it. Perhaps because it came from outside the office furniture industry, the Altwork Station does look and function remarkably different from nearly anything else on the market
  •   PRODUCT MATTERS - An office chair can be described in many ways, but fun is rarely one of them. Yet, the KI Sway chair is just that — and a lot more. Sway is designed to work in casual areas of the office or in an educational setting (imagine a lounge area in an office or commons area in a college). It is one of the most unique looking chairs we've ever seen, but it is the movement of the chair that really makes it shine.
  •   DEALER DIRECTORY - North America's best office furniture dealers.

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