Workplaces Magazine - August 2021

  •   WHERE I'M WORKING: EVERYWHERE - I love driving. I love exploring. I love wilderness scenery. I love road trips. I also love photography and have been photographing landscapes across the United States for the past 20 years. It's my passion and my side hustle. But I also love my job here at Bellow Press, so I had to figure out a way to do both.
  •   7 IN 10 WORKERS STILL IMPROVISING AT-HOME WORKSPACE, 16 MONTHS LATER - Two out of three workers we surveyed (64%) say their body is less supported at home than it was at their office before the pandemic, 78% say they would use a more supportive chair if their employer paid for it, and 50% of remote workers say the physical pain of working at home is enough to make them long for a return to the office.
  •   HOW TO TAKE AN EFFECTIVE TECH BREAK - Boundaries with technology undoubtedly benefit our emotional and mental health. We owe it to ourselves to discover more ways to foster supportive habits. While technology is a hassle free way to connect, it will eventually wear down on your health. We hope you try to implement at least one of these TECHniques to feel more in control of your screen time and benefit emotion-ally and mentally along the way.
  •   IT'S TIME TO THINK ABOUT NEURODIVERSITY AND DESIGN - No formal definition of neurodiversity exists, with vigorous conversations debating exactly who fits the label. Broadly speaking, developmental disorders and learning disabilities fall under the term neurodiversity. If there's no standard way to design for neurodiversity, what is the practical takeaway for designers? Offer choice. Monolithic interiors that assume everyone works or behaves in the same manner are a kind of psychological cubicle.
  •   STUDY: YOUNG WORKERS NOW VALUE RESPECT OVER FUN PERKS IN THE WORKPLACE - Margaret Duffy, executive director of the Novak Leadership Institute believes employers risk losing younger employees if they don't make an effort to use respectful communication in the workplace. While previous studies have reported leaders and managers spend 70-90% of their time communicating, LaGree believes this study shows more emphasis needs to be placed on training leaders and managers on how to be effective communicators and convey respectful communication with their employees.
  •   ROBIN HOOD MEETS THE OFFICE: HOW CORPORATE MANAGERS TRY TO FIX WORKPLACE INJUSTICES BY GIVING EMPLOYEES SECRET PERKS - Managers with an especially strong moral code can consider it their duty to right the wrongs they see, and to compensate victims in hidden ways — out of view of the top brass. Middle managers are in an especially tricky position because they can't punish the transgressor — their boss — but they want to keep the workers beneath them feel they are treated fairly.
  •   TWICE AS NICE: SVIGALS + PARTNERS COMPLETES DUAL WORKPLACES FOR LEADING ED-TECH PROVIDER TECHNOLUTIONS - "Bringing this unique vision to life — not in one office, but in two simultaneously — was an exciting challenge," said Katherine Berger, Svigals + Partners' associate and director of interior design.
  •   CONEXUS STUDIO DESIGNS NU SKIN SOUTHEAST ASIA'S FUTURE FORWARD OFFICE - Designed with employee feedback on their working needs and preferences, the design supports the diverse ways Nu Skin employees like to work. The wide variety of work settings include a lifestyle café, hospitality-inspired lounge settings, private pods, phone booths and height-adjustable desks. To ensure a balance of vibrancy and privacy in the open layout, a progressive zoning approach was adopted, with social and focus work areas delineated with different materials.
  •   REVIEWS: BESTEK 300W POWER INVERTER - Before home offices became all the rage, the first "mobile" offices were our cars. In fact, our cars remain a part of our mobile offices. Whether traveling for business or vacation, a lot of us rely on our cars to get some work done.
  •   REVIEWS: APPLE WATCH SERIES 6 - I could use the watch to quickly check text messages and Snapchats. But beyond that, it is hard to see the point of shelling out hundreds of dollars for a watch that isn't particularly attractive on the wrist. Our phones are a pocket away (and they tell time, too). Why add another digital product to your wrist?

Workplaces Magazine - July 2021

  •   WHERE I'M WORKING: TANGERINE EATERY, PRICE, UTAH - Price is a small town, kind of in the middle of nowhere. Typically it is not a destination, but a place people pass through when going somewhere else. But if you ever find yourself in Eastern Utah and need to stop for a meal, the Tangerine Eatery is definitely a great choice.
  •   10 AMAZON ITEMS YOU DIDN'T KNOW YOU NEEDED FOR YOUR HOME OFFICE THIS SUMMER - This summer is already a little different from last, so whether you are working from the office, home, or any combination of the two, there will be something on this list that should help you out.
  •   HOW BRANDED ENVIRONMENTS SPARK CONVERSATION AND FOSTER CONNECTION - Designing a space that has brand clarity and conviction around a company's values and vision, while allowing those values and that vision to evolve and grow, invites conversation with its users.
  •   BURNOUT CRISIS AT WORK THREATENS POST-PANDEMIC WORKPLACES - Burnout leads to turnover, but that can be mitigated by intentional remote work policies and inclusive, empathic leadership. Effectively implemented, remote and flexible work options for employees ultimately help organizations have access to more talent and less turnover as well as increased innovation and productivity.
  •   69% OF WORKING MOTHERS HAVE NO INTENTION OF RETURNING TO THE WORKPLACE - If employers want to reap the benefits that come with having a gender-balanced organization, then they will need to commit to providing benefits and implementing programs that better accommodate and support mothers in the workplace.
  •   SURVEY REVEALS COMPANIES ARE STRUGGLING TO ACT ON THEIR GOOD INTENTIONS TO BRING DIVERSITY, EQUITY & INCLUSION TO THEIR ORGANIZATIONS - Many respondents indicated while their organization intends for their DE&I leader to have access to senior leadership and financial resources, they are not yet there.
  •   ALLYSHIP IS KEY TO CREATING INCLUSIVE WORKPLACES - Allyship is necessary for psychological safety. Teams where workers feel psychologically safe bringing their views to the table, and where their relationships with other team members are strong enough to allow them to do so in an assertive yet constructive way, will be well-positioned to engage in productive friction — the ability to draw out conflict and learn from disagreements to generate new insights.
  •   TWO22 IN MINNEAPOLIS FILLED WITH AMENITIES - NELSON Worldwide used its building repositioning experience to upgrade the main entry, first floor and second floor atrium, tenant amenity lounge, conference center, building management office, elevator lobbies, fitness center, coffee shop, full service restaurant and bar, retail spaces, and marketing suite.
  •   55 YONGE RISES IN THE HEART OF TORONTO'S FINANCIAL DISTRICT - The ten floors of office space are designed for the contemporary worker in a post-Covid world, supported by efficient layouts and full use of the building's indoor and outdoor amenities.
  •   REVIEWS: ROCKETBOOK FUSION SMART REUSABLE NOTEBOOK - Rocketbooks are like normal notebooks, but allow the user to capture the pages digitally, making them easy to store and share. The Rocketbook Fusion comes in two sizes — the slightly smaller executive size, which is 6-by-8.8 inches and the larger letter size that is 8.5-by-11 inches.
  •   REVIEWS: GIGA LOUNGER - Depending on how casual your company is, one answer might be the GIGA Lounger, an inflatable lounge chair that packs away in a bag when not in use. Billed as the "world's first one-key automatic inflatable lounger," the GIGA Lounger is a playful, well-built, mobile lounger that would be fun to have in the right office.

Workplaces Magazine - June 2021

  •   WHY NURTURE IS NOT THE SECRET TO A HEALTHY (VIRTUAL) WORK ENVIRONMENT - Traditionally, leadership has turned to nurturing activities to address team health. These activities can certainly be valuable, but they cannot bridge the gap created when the daily work experience fails to meet basic neurological, psychological and physiological needs.
  •   NEW SURVEY PROVIDES SWEEPING OVERVIEW OF CURRENT STATE OF EMPLOYER-SPONSORED WELLBEING PROGRAMS - This survey highlights that a culture of well-being plays a far more critical role than any one benefit program to the long-term success of an organization.
  •   THE HYBRID RETURN TO THE OFFICE AND ENSURING A LEVEL PLAYING FIELD FOR REMOTE EMPLOYEES - In a hybrid set-up example, you might have four people in a meeting, two calling in remote from home and two calling in from the office conference room. In this situation, the two people in the office environment are minimized on camera and have in-person nonverbal cues that completely change the meeting dynamic.
  •   SDI ARCHITECTURE ATTRIBUTES MASS OFFICE MOVE-BACK TO ZOOM FATIGUE: BOSTON FIRM EXPERIENCES UPTICK IN DEMAND FOR MODIFICATIONS TO WORKPLACES AS COMPANIES PREPARE FOR THE RETURN OF THEIR WORKFORCES - People are starving for personal interaction. A host of factors are fueling employees moving back to the office, including the return to full-time, in-person learning for students, giving parents the option to work from an office as their role as home school teachers comes to an end.
  •   LATEST WORKFORCE HAPPINESS SURVEY SHOWS IMPORTANCE OF DIVERSITY, EQUITY AND INCLUSION IN WORKPLACE - Organizations have spent the past year helping their employees stay productive while working through a crisis, but now they have to pivot to create a new normal that ensures their workforce continues to be happy for the long-term, no matter where they are working.
  •   THE WORKPLACE IS CHANGING: THOMAS FRIEDMAN PREDICTS SEISMIC SHIFTS WILL OFFER OPPORTUNITIES FOR WOMEN WHO HAVE LEFT THE WORKFORCE IN DROVES - With many employers planning for a new work/life in a post-pandemic world, one of the big challenges they face is addressing significant setbacks unleashed by COVID-19.
  •   WORKPLACE CULTURE REPORT REVEALS KEY CAUSES OF DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION FAILURES IN COMPANIES - Just 43% of employees say they can consistently be their authentic selves at work.
  •   EMPLOYEES AND COMPANIES ARE FACING A BURNOUT CRISIS - At companies across America, employees are struggling, with more than two in five (41%) say they're experiencing burnout. As workers adjust to remote work during the pandemic, 40% of employees surveyed agree working remotely supports better work-life balance.
  •   19 IDEAS EXPANDS AND REMODELS HEADQUARTERS TO CREATE EXPERIENCE-DRIVEN HUB CENTERED ON EMPLOYEE WELLNESS - The renovation coincides with a rebrand effort in 19 Ideas' 10-year anniversary, including a new brand look with the same focus on people, partnership and community.
  •   NELSON WORLDWIDE WINDWARD ENGINEERS AND CONSULTANTS HARRISBURG DESIGN BRIEF - A key driver for both the NELSON design team and the Windward staff was employee well-being.
  •   R-GO TOOLS CAPARO 4 TWIN MONITOR ARM - The modularity not only allowed the box to be smaller but more importantly would make the monitor easier to repair if one of the components failed.
  •   ZELO DESKTOP STUDIO LIGHT - It is a good product that can help you turn a drab, lifeless office into a bright, well-lit space fit for a professional virtual meeting.

Workplaces Magazine - May, 2021

  •   WHERE I'M WORKING: YELLOWSTONE COFFEE & CANVAS - With an array of coffee and snack items on the menu, and several sitting places to choose from, Yellowstone Coffee & Canvas proved to be a delightful place to work.
  •   WORKPLACE WELLNESS - If we can design spaces for wellness, it will make it easier for all types of people to come back to the office while still maintaining flexibility for those who work at home. There are seven aspects to wellness we balance - physical, spiritual, emotional, intellectual, occupational, social, and environmental.
  •   EMPLOYER ACTIONS & EMPLOYEE PERCEPTIONS: GAUGING THE COVID-19 WORKPLACE EXPERIENCE - Organizations are still managing travel expenses conservatively and adjusting the way they do business to incorporate less travel, with 68% of organizations expecting the same level of business travel or less in 2021, as compared to 2020. Further, Sixty percent of organizations report they will not require employees to receive a COVID-19 vaccine prior to returning to work, an indication organizations are opting to maintain a personal vs. professional line by not requiring the vaccine.
  •   AS ECONOMY REOPENS, THE TIME HAS COME FOR EMPLOYERS TO OPEN UP THEIR REAL ESTATE PROCUREMENT PROCESSES - With an economy working from home, it's become apparent the model is changing. Many are seeking hybrid solutions where employees come to the office half of the time or only for special team collaborations and client meetings.
  •   NEW LEGIONS OF REMOTE WORKERS PUTS GEOGRAPHIC PAY POLICIES IN THE SPOTLIGHT - With remote working requests continuing to emerge and surprise leaders, companies are reevaluating how to create cohesive, consistent and fair geographic pay policies as employees push to straddle multiple geographies. What used to only be an occasional issue is now a frequent request and savvy employers will need to respond with fair, transparent and attractive geographic pay policies for distributed workforces if they wish to remain competitive.
  •   SURVEY FINDS 58% OF PEOPLE WORKING REMOTELY WOULD QUIT THEIR JOBS IF REQUIRED TO RETURN TO OFFICE - Sixty-five percent would prefer to work remotely full-time post-pandemic, while 33% would like a combination of remote and in-office work (hybrid work arrangement). Just 2% would prefer to return to the traditional office on a full-time basis. While workers are most concerned about COVID-19 exposure/infection (49%), having less work flexibility (46%) and less work-life balance (43%) were other key apprehension points in returning to traditional workplaces.
  •   LOCAL OFFICE, GLOBAL VIEW: DYER BROWN-DESIGNED HEADQUARTERS UNIFIES U.S. OPERATIONS FOR TECH MEDIA GIANT - The idea from IDG leadership was to create a space that reflected their identity as a house of brands rather than a branded house.
  •   MOST EXECUTIVES EXPECT RETURN TO OFFICE OR HYBRID MODEL - The survey findings suggest many businesses may be underestimating the changes needed to optimize workplaces for health and safety and accommodate the evolving requirements of a hybrid work model in which employees blend working from different locations, including home, on the go or at the office.
  •   PREVIEWING THE FUTURE, SVIGALS + PARTNERS COMPLETES SECOND MAJOR WORKPLACE FOR BIOHAVEN PHARMACEUTICALS - Building on Svigals + Partners' longstanding commitment to prioritizing the well-being of the client group, the workplace harnesses daylight and outfits workers with sit-stand desks in a setting marked by natural materials, nontoxic finishes, premium air filtration and other benefits of an active workplace. The company's brand colors, green and blue, are complemented by a contrasting magenta proposed through a virtual-reality walkthrough.
  •   WHAT ARE PERFORMANCE FABRICS? - The definition of a performance fabric is as individualized as a performance car. Broadly speaking, it denotes above-average attributes compared to standard upholstery.
  •   PROJECT AIMS TO KEEP IT AUTHENTIC - Perkins&Will's design seamlessly reconciles two opposing forces — the desired focus on collaboration and the need to accommodate concentrated individual work.
  •   REVIEWS - Etc. Holden Pull Up Table / ZG1 Single Monitor Arm

Workplaces Magazine - April, 2021

  •   HOW I'M WORKING: BY KIM MELKA - Working at the office doesn't necessarily mean working at a desk. Afternoon team building and socializing occurs more often than it used to.
  •   UNIQUE PLACES WORK HAPPENED IN 2020 (AND 2021) - The definition of the "third place" is an area or building that people can come and network, cowork, and escape from the home and office. It's usually a church, library, or most popular - coffee shop. Today it seems we work anywhere and everywhere because nearly 60% of the American population are still not at the office.
  •   NEW STUDY: MAJORITY OF WFH EMPLOYEES DON'T WANT TO RETURN TO THE POST-COVID WORKPLACE - Over half of employees say that working from home would give them a better quality of life and lead to greater job satisfaction. Research shows 40% of people would take a pay cut if it meant they could work from home.
  •   WHY YOUR WORKPLACE NEEDS TO STANDARDIZE AV TECHNOLOGY - Even if an organization is only managing a small campus or just one building, giving employees consistency will increase their satisfaction and productivity. When WeWork experienced a period of rapid global expansion, it was difficult to adhere to the AV standards at each location. Some of the issues that arose during this period underlined the importance of standardizing AV systems across countries for global organizations.
  •   OUR DISREGARD FOR CLEAN INDOOR AIR IS COSTING LIVES - We need to keep our people healthy, our buildings healthy and our communities healthy. Portable, professional-grade air cleaning systems are a powerful tool to help us achieve this. Although this pandemic is our most urgent crisis, if there's a silver lining, it's that we've gotten a lot smarter about why indoor air safety matters.
  •   THE BRAVE NEW WORLD OF WORK: WHAT EMPLOYERS CAN EXPECT IN THE POST-PANDEMIC WORLD - Research indicates that 80% of company leaders plan to permit remote work after the pandemic. The absolute best way to erase divides between groups, is to unite them in a common goal — and what better goal than a purpose-driven company? While the new world of work presents unique challenges to employers and employees, it also presents new opportunities to advance workforce trends that benefit both parties.
  •   WHAT A MULTI-GENERATIONAL STAFF TAUGHT ME ABOUT TEAM CULTURE - Getting your team on board starts with consistency. Values that are practiced as much as they're preached. Professional development that focuses on shared goals. Quarterly updates that hammer home the big wins and shared accomplishments. No matter their age, people lean in when they feel like they're being heard.
  •   SPACESMITH DEBUTS HEADQUARTERS DESIGN FOR NEW YORK LEGAL ASSISTANCE GROUP, LEADER IN ACCESS TO JUSTICE - NYLAG is the latest in Spacesmith's nationally recognized record of work for nonprofit and human service organizations. Flexibility in the office design also supports productivity. Examples include the conference room tables, which have access to power similar to a benching system and can be configured into work areas to accommodate the organization's annual influx of interns.
  •   OCCUPANCY DATA THAT COUNTS - The pandemic is forcing companies to pause and take a hard look at their portfolios. This is a moment to use people counting not only to improve occupant safety but migrate one step closer to smart buildings.
  •   REVIEWS - Etc. Bernadette Bean Bag / Sunlight Inside mySun Lamp / BlendJet2 Portable Blender

Workplaces Magazine - March, 2021

  •   HOW I'M WORKING: ZOOMING TOWARD A BETTER MEETING SPACE - Since the pandemic hit, and everyone was forced to stay home, the virtual meeting platforms boomed. Last April, use of Zoom's software jumped 30-fold. At its peak, the firm counted more than 300 million daily participants in virtual meetings, while paying customers have more than tripled. When setting up a space for virtual meetings, there are a few important considerations, not all of them having to do with your workspace. Nothing can replace the connections we make at work — when we are physically in the same office together. But having the right virtual meeting setup can help you make the most of your time online. It doesn't take a lot of money or a bunch of new products to make that happen.
  •   MORE THAN HALF OF WORKERS SAY EMPLOYERS SHOULD OFFER VACCINE INCENTIVES - In terms of COVID testing, most (45%) say employers should cover the costs for any employer-mandated tests. Twenty-nine percent say the federal government should bear the costs, while 15% say insurance providers or state/local government (10%) should pay for required tests. Only two percent agree employees should pay. Regarding personal protective equipment, 71% are in agreement employers should encourage or require personal protective equipment at work. This is up from 64% from December 2020.
  •   KEEP COVID STRESS OUT OF YOUR CUSTOMER COMMUNICATION - This moment finds us with a different kind of anxiety. Pandemic-related stress is at an all-time high, and people are bringing it to work. It can show up in ugly ways, too. In a survey we conducted of 1,000 professionals, 38% said they experienced toxic workplace communication since shelter-in-place began. Yikes! Make healthy communication a thing in your company culture. Get on the same page with the other executives about the voice, tone and behavior norms you want to promote internally and externally. Then, make them stick by codifying them in your employee guidelines and brand style guide.
  •   THE SHOW MUST GO ON: CIFF RETURNS TO GUANGZHOU WITH GLIMPSE OF OFFICE OF THE FUTURE - CIFF has always combined business with the culture of good design. This year CIFF Guangzhou 2021 will offer more than 20 exhibitions and conferences involving companies, academies, schools and famous designers. CIFF not only brings high-quality distributors from Red Star Macalline, the largest furniture retailer in China, but also dealers, distributors, interior designers, real estate developers, government procurement groups and consumers. CIFM/interzum guangzhou 2021 will host hundreds of premium machinery and woodworking machinery, covering the entire industry of cutting-edge equipment, materials and technology needed for furniture manufacturing, such as hardware accessories, cabinet plates, edging and treatment of surfaces.
  •   THE NRP GROUP PROJECT 'ALWAYS GUIDED BY THE PRINCIPLES OF HOLISTIC DESIGN' - Gala Magriñá, founder and principal of Gala Magriñá Design, worked closely with Jonathan Gertman, vice president of development at The NRP Group, to define style, needs and color palette — all while keeping the firm's holistic interior design principles in mind. All within the limited available square footage, Magriñá designed an open office, meeting room, single personal office and a reception area, with a multifunctional kitchen encompassing the meeting space and private office. The office's layout allows for the open section to be viewed from the kitchen/meeting room/private office area.
  •   PRODUCT REVIEWS - Stylex Trim Laptop Table - One of the great changes that has come from the pandemic and work-from-home movement is our ability to pull up a table to the most comfortable sofa or chair in our living room or den and get to work. THINKERS Notebook - A notebook is a notebook, right? What can possibly make one better than another? Yet technology is changing the way we take notes, share them and use them to be more creative. The best example of this can be found in the new THINKERS Notebook.

Workplaces Magazine - February, 2021

  •   HOW I'M WORKING: PUSHING AWAY FROM THE DESK - The desk has become ubiquitous with work. In the typical office, it is the personal hub for nearly all heads-down activities. So as the coronavirus forced us from the office to our homes, many of us found ourselves lacking this critical tool. Some displaced workers had home offices set up already, but many of us found ourselves trying to find the right tools to work from home.
  •   WHAT IF YOUR EMPLOYEES DON'T WANT TO COME BACK TO THE OFFICE - There are no two people who are the exact same, so creating a solution that is flexible and inclusive to anyone we employ is more important now that ever before.
  •   SHRM'S PARAGONLABS KICKS OFF NATIONAL COMPETITION IN SEARCH OF BEST WORKPLACE TECHNOLOGIES - In Chicago, the finalists will present to a panel of judges composed of HR and business leaders in front of an audience of investors, HR professionals, fellow innovators and leading media organizations. The winner of the Better Workplaces Challenge Cup will receive a cash prize of $50,000 and learn about investment opportunities to get their innovation off the ground and in workplaces.
  •   NATIONAL GOVERNORS ASSOCIATION, COGNIZANT US FOUNDATION LAUNCH WORKFORCE INNOVATION NETWORK TO SUPPORT A ROBUST, EQUITABLE RECOVERY - In advance of launching the network, NGA hosted more than 100 participants from 32 states for the Creating an Agenda for Workforce Recovery workshop series. The four-part series covered key topics such as how to expand access to essential services and advancing digital inclusion.
  •   RESEARCH FINDS FEMALE EMPLOYEES HARDEST HIT BY PANDEMIC AND WORKING FROM HOME - Prior research has shown in households where two partners are employed, women typically engage in household tasks more than men. And during national lockdowns and the closure of schools, the burden of household tasks tends to increase for couples with children as they become compelled to assist with children's virtual learning.
  •   WHAT WORKERS WANT: TIME OFF, FLEXIBILITY, PAID LEAVE - It's important to look holistically at a paid leave strategy. Companies should have a diverse portfolio of paid leave options to meet the needs of diverse employees.
  •   HINDSIGHT IS 2020: 5 WAYS TO MAKE YOUR HOME OFFICE MORE COMFORTABLE IN 2021 - Incorporating height-adjustable solutions into your workstation is essential for a balanced and healthy way of working. The benefits of sit/stand go beyond increasing our well-being and reducing the risk of injury. Research has shown standing for just 15 minutes every hour boosts circulation, takes pressure off the spine and balances muscle use.
  •   HOW TO KEEP YOUR CULTURE THRIVING OUTSIDE THE OFFICE DURING COVID - Each company has a unique culture, a reason why people like working there and why it's successful. The best companies are very intentional about their culture, and it's more important than ever.
  •   US DEPARTMENT OF LABOR ISSUES STRONGER WORKPLACE GUIDANCE ON COVID-19 - The guidance details key measures for limiting coronavirus's spread, including ensuring infected or potentially infected people are not in the workplace, implementing and following physical distancing protocols and using surgical masks or cloth face coverings.
  •   NOTCH FOR CORPORATE WORKPLACE TEAMS - Teams that oversee workplace design and management at large companies can leverage Notch to outfit new locations and track assets and inventory across a portfolio of spaces. Notch can also be used as a tool to manage the setup and tracking of company-owned furniture, fixtures and equipment distributed to employees for home office setup.
  •   COLLABORATING FOR A CLOSE-UP: NEW ANGLE FILMS AND NELSON WORLDWIDE JOIN FORCES TO SUCCEED IN A WORLD RULED BY VIRTUAL VIDEO - In addition to developing a skillset that includes voice, diction, active listening and visual cues through their work with New Angle Films, the NELSON team also learned to control the things you can — like lighting and sound — so that when things that are out of your control go wrong — like a dog barking — you won't be as jarred and stressed out having to handle them.
  •   PRODUCT REVIEWS - Etc. Brutus Shelves - Regardless of whether we work at home or the office, one piece of furniture that can be found in both are shelves. Rush Charge Hinge - Few things are more irritating than your phone dying when you really need it.

Workplaces Magazine - December, 2020 & January, 2021

  •   WHERE I'M WORKING: BETTS, 2000 E 9TH ST., CLEVELAND - Casual and cozy with delicious food, Betts is a great place to grab a bite to eat and get a little work done. The small restaurant next to the Kimpton Schofield Hotel in downtown Cleveland is relatively new and features breakfast, lunch, dinner and drinks centered around classic American dishes with an emphasis on freshness, quality and whole foods. All-in-all, Betts is a great place to grab a few hours of work when in downtown Cleveland.
  •   CORT BUSINESS SERVICES LAUNCHES 4SITE SENSOR TECHNOLOGY PLATFORM TO OPTIMIZE WORKSPACES AND ENHANCE EMPLOYEE SAFETY - CORT Business Services is launching a user analytics service called 4SITE to help businesses make informed decisions about the future of their office space prior to lease expiration, optimize their existing workspaces, reduce real estate costs and enhance employee safety measures. 4SITE technology is designed to deliver the data our customers need in order to effectively and efficiently understand if their office space is working for them. Understanding how employees are interacting with workspaces is even more important in these uncertain times.
  •   SURVEY OF REAL ESTATE PROFESSIONALS CONFIRMS OVERWHELMING EXPECTATION OF LONG-TERM COVID IMPACTS - The first global report to look at the impact of the Future of Work on real estate and cities over the next three to five years foresees a strong focus on flexibility, demanded by both workers and corporates, not only relating to the work activity but also the space and location. The majority of real estate professionals view that more than 60% of employees may be spending more than 40% of their time working remotely, in comparison to 20% of staff working 20% of their time remotely pre-COVID-19.
  •   SURVEY REVEALS 60% OF THE MOST PRODUCTIVE AND ENGAGED WORKERS ARE FREQUENTLY OFFERED VIRTUAL SOCIAL WORK EVENTS DURING COVID-19 - The findings provide insight into the productivity and engagement levels of those who have been working from home since the pandemic started and the challenges they've encountered. Additionally, the results reveal insights into how connected workers feel about colleagues while working remotely, what they need to be more successful in working from home and how working from home has positively impacted their lives.
  •   ENGAGEMENT IS KEY TO RETAIN WORKERS - For the 2020 report, Quantum Workplace data pulled from 1.2 million employee engagement surveys the company collected from more than 12,000 companies across 43 cities in 27 states. The company reveals how successful organizations maximize their talent throughout the employee life cycle. When employees witness professional growth and career development opportunities within their own organizations, they are 2.5x more likely to be highly engaged (89%) than those who do not (36%).
  •   WHEN YOUR WORKPLACE IS A SPORTS STADIUM AND ENTERTAINMENT SHOWPLACE - Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse recently underwent a $185 million renovation that transformed the publicly owned venue into a modernized world-class sports and entertainment showplace. The all-new building has been re-designed into a modernized, world-class attraction. It is the 27th busiest venue in the world and the 11th busiest in the country. One of the centerpieces of the renovation is the steel curtain created by Eventscape, an art and architecture fabrication company that undertook its largest architectural installation to date.
  •   THE OFFICE AS A DESTINATION - The office is a place for motivation, competition, and innovation. Employees miss the friendships, personal interaction, face time with the boss, hearing conversations, and spontaneous innovation that happens in the hallways. The largest work from home experiment in history has shown that many people can do their jobs from their living room. But the million-dollar question is determining who wants to return to the office. One thing is clear amid the turmoil – the expectations for office design have changed. It will take more than white walls and basic furniture to lure someone out of their sweatpants.
  •   PRODUCT REVIEWS - Humanscale Razer Ergonomic Mouse / AIRLIFT Height Adjustable Desk / Ankndo 3-in-1 Magnetic Charging Cable / AIS Laptop Table

Workplaces Magazine - November, 2020

  •   WHERE I'M WORKING: LEAPS & BOUNDS CAFE, LODGE KOHLER, GREEN BAY, WISCONSIN, U.S. - Leaps & Bounds Cafe is a typical hotel cafe, busy with guests coming in and out of the space as they grab a bagel or a cup of coffee. It is comfortable and cozy and a very nice place to work when out of the office. The cafe featured strong internet and plenty of plugs for business travelers on the road who need to charge laptops and smartphones.
  •   THE END OF THE OPEN OFFICE - There are still a lot of unknowns. Some companies haven't gone back to in-person work, and even more have yet to make decisions on new office layouts and modifications, if those are needed.
  •   KASTLE AND GEORGE WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY PARTNER TO GET BUSINESS BACK TO THE OFFICE SAFELY - Public health and medical experts recommend building owners, managers, operators and employers work to create a healthy workplace environment before resuming normal business operations.
  •   MORE THAN HALF OF WORKERS SAY THEIR COMPANY HAS FAILED AT CREATING A DIVERSE WORKPLACE, BUT NEW DATA SHOWS HOW DIVERSITY AFFECTS PEOPLE OF COLOR'S ABILITY TO SUCCEED AT WORK - Nearly two-thirds (61%) of people of color say the level of diversity at their company affects their ability to succeed. Roughly half that number of white people (32%) agreed.
  •   REMOTE WORK SET TO NEARLY TRIPLE IN THE POST-COVID WORLD, ACCORDING TO SURVEY ON EMPLOYER RESPONSE TO COVID-19 - There has been a clear need for more flexible work scheduling due to disruptions in childcare, schooling and other routines in daily life, and the survey shows most employers have tried to provide this flexibility to help their employees adjust to the new normal.
  •   POLITICS IN THE WORKPLACE: NEW REPORT FINDS MOST EMPLOYEES TALK POLITICS AT WORK; TWO-THIRDS HAVE CONSIDERED LOOKING FOR A NEW JOB DUE TO THE POLITICAL BELIEFS OF THE PEOPLE THEY WORK WITH - Talking politics also has an impact on organizations, as nearly half of those surveyed report their manager talks openly about supporting a specific candidate in the 2020 presidential election. The effect of this depends on whether their employees share similar beliefs.
  •   WANT TO MAKE SURE REMOTE WORKERS AREN'T SLACKING OFF? TRY TRUSTING THEM INSTEAD - The importance of trust plays out in research, which has found employees at high-trust organizations tend to be more productive and better collaborators than their peers at low-trust companies. Plus, they tend to stick around longer.
  •   10 TIPS TO STOP SCREEN-BASED HEADACHES - You may not be able to avoid screens altogether, but you can take steps to keep them from affecting your health. If you suspect your headaches are related to screen time, talk to your health care provider. Come up with a plan, protect your eyes, and get to the bottom of your headaches.
  •   A DESIRED DESTINATION: HOW TO LEVERAGE TECHNOLOGY IN THE WORKPLACE POST-COVID-19 TO ATTRACT AND RETAIN TOP TALENT - Brands will need to reevaluate their office portfolio and determine a plan to ensure their employees can take advantage of new technologies that make communicating, collaborating and connecting more seamless than ever before.
  •   UVC LIGHT – THE LATEST WEAPON AGAINST CORONAVIRUS - UVC fixtures from a reputable manufacturer could be a gamechanger in the battle against the immediate threat of the coronavirus and seasonal and regional outbreaks of infectious diseases. Devices are already cropping up more frequently in airports, classrooms, fitness centers, emergency housing, retail entrances and workplaces.
  •   UNISPACE CEO: OFFICE NEEDS POST-COVID EXPECTED TO DROP MORE THAN 20% - People want to return to work safely, but they want to return with some degree of flexibility to work from home or places like coffee shops outside the office. While much has been made about some tech companies allowing employees to permanently work from home, other companies feel the need to get back to work in the office.
  •   REVIEWS - Office Chair Mat for Hardwood Floors / Anker Nebula Capsule

Workplaces Magazine - October, 2020

  •   WHERE I'M WORKING: EMILY CLINGMAN - LONGMONT, COLORADO - With COVID-related business closures, travel restrictions and social-distancing protocol, it's been hard for us remote workers to pop into our favorite coffee shop for a few hours or enjoy a change of scenery away from our home offices.
  •   MOST US EMPLOYEES SEE THEMSELVES WORKING WITH TECHNOLOGY RATHER THAN BEING REPLACED BY IT, ACCORDING TO A RECENT SURVEY ON THE FUTURE OF WORK - Four out of five U.S. workers believe technology will change the way they do their job over the next three years.
  •   KAI EXPERTS SAY COVID-19 PANDEMIC CAUSING MAJOR SHIFT IN TRADITIONAL OFFICE DESIGN AND FUNCTION - Technology will be the enabler to successfully implementing these new design practices and creating a business environment that fosters safe, healthy and intelligent interactions.
  •   FOUR TIPS FOR PEOPLE WHO STRUGGLE TO UNPLUG, TAKE BREAKS, RECHARGE, OR DECOMPRESS AT THE END OF THE WORKDAY - Millions of workers are working from home, and companies as large as Twitter have already announced employees never have to return to the office. It's important to manage your energy and keep yourself from burning out from too much uninterrupted work.
  •   STUDY SHOWS BASIC MINDFULNESS CAN BE A KEY TO SOLVING WORKPLACE CONFLICT - Everyone wants to work in a place where everybody gets along, but in reality, workplaces are fraught with conflict. However, certain kinds of workplace conflict are positive, because they involve new ways of approaching a project or a problem, which can lead to innovation and better outcomes.
  •   SMART SEARCH ENABLES WFH EFFICIENCIES - "We expect the best from our teams, So we should offer them the best tools to do their jobs. That starts with strong search so they can get the information they need to do their jobs when they need it."
  •   KAI ENGINEERS RECOMMEND HVAC UPGRADES TO HELP COMBAT COVID-19 INSIDE COMMERCIAL BUILDINGS - Controlling the airflow between zones in a building is a viable way to protect building occupants from airborne pathogens. This can be achieved by re-evaluating the positioning of supply and exhaust air diffusers.
  •   NELSON WORLDWIDE CONDUCTS STRATEGY SURVEY TO UNDERSTAND EVOLVING WORKFORCE EXPECTATIONS - The first key finding in the survey is employees are longing for purposeful and visible changes to increase safety measures in the office and ensure re-entry in the workplace is safe.
  •   HAPPINESS NOW MORE THAN EVER: A PRIMER ON HAPPINESS BY DESIGN, AND WHY IT MATTERS - Architecture firms are always seeking new and innovative ways to better the industry and elevate employee well-being within the office. The design industry knows almost too well just how much a space can impact mood, productivity and focus.
  •   RENEWAL ROOMS FOR NURSES - In order for nurses to provide quality care, they need to be able to provide their own care. But imagine finally getting a lunch break and the only space to sit is where everyone else goes. When you've gone through hours of patient care, you need time away to regroup before returning to the floor. A food-focused break room isn't always the right environment for nurses to refresh their spirits. The antidote is a renewal room.
  •   WORKPLACE ROMANCE IN THE AGE OF COVID - Now that so many employees are working from home and may be doing so for a while longer or even permanently, it's the ideal time for organizations to revisit the subject to meet the demands of the current landscape. If an office romance has developed, additional complications are that human resource managers aren't seeing employees interacting with each other.
  •   PRODUCT REVIEWS - We review the Delta Finn Table and Chair Set and the Spacestor KIT Desk.

Workplaces Magazine - September, 2020

  •   WHERE I'M WORKING: TODD HARDY - COEUR D'ALENE RESORT - I'm fortunate enough to live in a beautiful area surrounded by mountains which are filled with lakes, rivers and streams. I'm less than 15 minutes from the famous Lake Coeur d'Alene and the four-star Coeur d'Alene Resort. Locals believe the only reason it is not a five-star is because some of the rooms overlook the parking garage. The resort has the world's longest floating boardwalk. It's pet friendly, and many people had their dogs with them.
  •   60% OF COMPANIES HAVE HIRED EMPLOYEES DURING THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC DESPITE ECONOMIC DOWNTURN - Nearly half of companies (46%) have hired 10 or more employees since the pandemic's start — a surprising phenomenon in the new era of remote work and virtual onboarding. While group onboarding can feel impersonal, companies can use multiple communication channels to build connections, such as video calls with new hires. As companies continue hiring during the remote work age, they can employ creative tactics to effectively onboard new employees.
  •   BACK TO SCHOOL BLUES: WORK PRODUCTIVITY EXPECTED TO DECLINE AS MORE SCHOOLS SWITCH TO REMOTE LEARNING - While school this fall will undoubtedly look different in every situation, the largest portion of parents are still uncertain about sending their children to a traditional classroom. Surprisingly, a quarter (26%) report they are not sending their kids back to school at all, while 40% said it will depend on the school district's plans. Working parents aren't the only ones who will be impacted by remote learning this fall. Non-parent co-workers report they are feeling the disruption even now before the return to school.
  •   FREQUENT TRAVELERS CITE PRIORITIES FOR HOTEL STAYS - Face coverings for employees (87% a lot/some impact) and guests (85%), suspending daily housekeeping of rooms (86%) and using technology to reduce direct contact (85%) are the top priorities among frequent travelers staying in hotels during this pandemic. However, the pandemic has decimated the hotel industry as travel has slowed significantly throughout the last few months.
  •   NEW STUDY OUTLINES HOW WORK FROM HOME COULD ADAPT TO CONTINUE EFFECTIVELY - Overall, the new way of working had a near equal mix of positive and negative implications for team collaboration, particularly in terms of knowledge sharing, virtual meetings and networking.
  •   THE HIDDEN IMPACT OF REMOTE WORK DURING THE PANDEMIC: NATIONAL STUDY UNCOVERS GENERATIONAL DIVIDE ON LEADERSHIP, TRUST AND RETURNING TO THE OFFICE - Most shockingly, a majority (53%) of Americans do not want to work remotely even part-time after the pandemic ends. Additionally, 42% of Americans do not have the tools they need to successfully work remotely.
  •   YES, YOUR COWORKERS ARE JUDGING YOU FOR YOUR BAD IDEAS - When it comes to speaking up in the workplace, new research suggests the quality of employees' suggestions — or "voice quality" — can affect how they are perceived by coworkers, which can then lead employees with poor voice quality to be ostracized by those coworkers.
  •   INDIESIGNS DEVELOPS LINE OF SAFETY MESSAGING PRODUCTS TO EASE THE STRESS OF GATHERING AGAIN - This idea of beautiful COVID messaging is a natural extension from Grazi's original inspiration for Indiewalls, which he started about eight years ago in response to what he saw in the commercial real estate sector at the time.
  •   SIX WAYS THE PANDEMIC IS TRANSFORMING RESTROOM DESIGN - Companies, educational institutions and municipalities are all evaluating new procedures and products for their restroom facilities. While there are a number of infection control measures on the horizon, it's still important to keep six feet of distance between people, wash hands with soap and water, dry hands completely, wear masks and limit crowding in restroom areas.
  •   PRODUCT REVIEWS - Who would believe germ-killing UVC lights and digital forehead thermometers would be office tools? This month, we look at a couple of products that could make heading to the office a little bit safer for employees.

Workplaces Magazine - August, 2020

  •   WHERE I'M WORKING: BELLOW PRESS GRAND RAPIDS EDITORIAL OFFICE - Dartboard. Small golf putting green. Mini basketball hoop. Jukebox. Classic arcade game. While this might sound like the contents of a local Chuck E. Cheese, it is just a few of the "necessary amenities" at the Bellow Press Grand Rapids Editorial Office.
  •   EXECUTIVES FEEL EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT IS IMPORTANT, BUT COMMITMENT TO STRATEGY IS LACKING - Quantum Workplace has released a survey report, A Winning Approach to Employee Success, produced by Harvard Business Review (HBR) Analytic Services.
  •   BUSINESS CREATIVITY DURING STAY-AT-HOME ORDERS - Humans are known for their ability to adapt. Will-power and mindset are powerful tools and, if used correctly, can make the most terrible situations tolerable or even enjoyable.
  •   HOW WE FEEL ABOUT RETURNING TO WORK - Whether you're ready or not, your employer may soon ask you to return to the office as the nation attempts to resume business amidst the Coronavirus pandemic.
  •   SMALL BUSINESS RECOVERY SPUTTERS - Amid growing concerns about a second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, the small business recovery sputtered in recent weeks, according to a new poll of small business owners.
  •   AMENITIES ARE STILL A PRIORITY, BUT THE FOCUS HAS SHIFTED - When it comes to workplace amenities, things have certainly come a long way over the years.
  •   SUSTAINABLE FURNITURE – IT'S STILL IMPORTANT - The conversation about sustainability hasn't been diminished by world events in 2020.
  •   WHAT WORKERS WANT: THE DOS AND DON'TS OF NON-SALARY NEGOTIATION - Whether it's for a new job or a potential upgrade on your current position, negotiating salary is rarely an enjoyable experience.
  •   DESKMAKERS RESPONDS TO COVID CRISIS WITH NEW COLLECTION - Designed by the DeskMakers Rapid Response Team, ReFit is comprised of three categories: Above Surface Solutions, Mobile Space Division and Adaptable Division.
  •   PRODUCT MATTER - There are very few office products that put a smile on our face when we use them.

Workplaces Magazine - July, 2020

  •   WHERE I'M WORKING: LUCY'S CAFÉ, GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN - For the first time since the outbreak of COVID-19, I've ventured outside to work from someplace other than home or a small office.
  •   74% OF WORKERS SAY A 6-HOUR WORKDAY WILL IMPROVE PRODUCTIVITY AMID COVID-19, ACCORDING TO STUDY - 74% of workers believe six-hour workdays could lead to higher productivity at work.
  •   AS DESIGN MOVES FORWARD, DESIGNING FOR MULTIPLE GENERATIONS GARNERS MORE ATTENTION - Though COVID-related design is on everyone's mind, designers still need to consider all the other elements needed to create healthy and productive workplaces.
  •   DESTINATION UNKNOWN: WHERE BUSINESS TRAVEL MIGHT LAND NOW THAT COVID-19 HAS ARRIVED - Business travelers, if and when they decide to travel, will make conscious choices about who to fly with, where to stay, what mode of transportation they use to get around. With demand (and necessity) of airports evolving in the age of COVID-19 and its aftermath, no one knows exactly what the travel experience will look like going forward.
  •   LEVERAGING HOSPITALITY CUES IN A POST-PANDEMIC WORKPLACE - COVID-19 is challenging all industries and the designers that serve them to revolutionize and rethink established experiences.
  •   KI GOES BEYOND WITH OWENS CORNING IN FUTURE-PROOFING WORKSPACES WITH 'INFINITY FROM KI' - Some companies come in and want to talk to you and tell you their thought starters before they even understand what you want.
  •   VIRTUAL REALITY MEETINGS: THE NEW NORMAL - While working from home certainly has merits, the long view is that organizations prosper from the hard-won social capital of connections among people.
  •   SURVEY REVEALS MORE THAN HALF OF EMPLOYEES WANT TO WORK IN AN OFFICE ENVIRONMENT AGAIN, AND 73% ARE COMFORTABLE WITH TEMPERATURE CHECKS - Many employees are feeling confident and ready to get back to work, but some still have their hesitations.
  •   PRODUCT MATTER - The latest products to help you be productive wherever you're working from.
  •   CORONAVIRUS AND WORKING FROM HOME: ALMOST 60% OF AMERICANS THINK COVID-19 HAS CHANGED THE WAY WE WORK FOR THE BETTER - WalletHub's survey examined Americans' thoughts about working from home during the coronavirus pandemic and a potential return to an office.
  •   REAL-TIME CORPORATE SOLUTIONS FOR A COVID-19 WORLD - One North American technology startup has created a solution that is both fully functional and cost effective.

Workplaces Magazine - June, 2020

  •   WHERE I'M WORKING... MY HOME, POST FALLS, IDAHO - I have been working from home for a couple of years, so the COVID-19 pandemic has not changed much for me.
  •   DIGITAL TOOLS ARRIVE TO GET FRONTLINE EMPLOYEES BACK TO WORK SAFELY - Safety By Prospr allows employers to prep their employees for their post-COVID employer safety guidelines within the Prospr phone app before returning to work and at any time on demand ongoing.
  •   SURVEY REVEALS EMPLOYEE ATTITUDES ON REMOTE WORK AND THE FUTURE OF OFFICE SPACE - Many in America's workforce are wary about returning to a traditional workplace setting and hope recent changes, like working remotely, will become part of the new normal.
  •   THE CONTACTLESS OFFICE - COVID-19 will forever alter the way we think about disease transmission in the workplace.
  •   HOW WE USE THE OFFICE MAY CHANGE, THE WORKPLACE IS HERE TO STAY - The A+D community is looking for an immediate and logical response to help clients solve for the near term return to the office.
  •   THE WORKPLACE AS A SOCIAL ORGANISM - While working from home certainly has merits, the long view is that organizations prosper from the hard-won social capital of connections among people.
  •   FURNITURE INDUSTRY INSIGHTS FOR THE WORLD OF WORK POST COVID-19 - LOGICDATA leadership recently weighed in on how the global furniture industry will likely adapt to the seismic shift in working.
  •   EMBRACING A NEW REALITY. WORKPLACE STRATEGY INSIGHTS FOR COVID AND BEYOND - If you are like most Herman Miller customers, you're likely beginning to formulate plans for re-opening your physical workplaces.
  •   ADJUSTING OFFICE SPACES FOR A POST-PANDEMIC WORKPLACE - There is a greater need for wellness initiatives today, especially in light of new challenges presented by the coronavirus pandemic.
  •   CHICAGO'S FULTON EAST IS NATION'S FIRST OFFICE BUILDING DESIGNED TO DELIVER HEALTH-FOCUSED OPERATING SOLUTIONS FOR POST-COVID-19 BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT - Fulton East will be the first multi-story office building to employ airPHX ("air fix") non-thermal, plasma technology throughout the entire building to help reduce cross-contamination risks and provide employees with cleaner air and work surfaces.
  •   IIDA'S COLLECTIVE D(ESIGN) SERIES FOCUSES ON ADAPTABILITY AND CHANGE IN THE WORKPLACE - As the design world navigates the new normal landscape of COVID-19, it has become more important than ever for communication and ideas surrounding best practices in keeping clients, employees and the vulnerable safe from an invisible predator.
  •   PRODUCT MATTER - Products to keep you safe at work.

Workplaces Magazine - May, 2020

  •   WHERE I'M WORKING: MY HOUSE, GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN - We are living in extraordinary times, I will tell you about where I'm working as I shelter-in-place at home. It is a nontraditional setup, even by home office standards.
  •   SURVEY FINDS WEAK HOME INTERNET PREVENTING PEOPLE FROM WORKING - Millions of us are now reliant on our home internet plans to work and study — plans which may not be able to support our changing needs.
  •   WORKING REMOTELY IS HERE TO STAY - With employees working virtually from remote locations around the country or around the world, getting team members on the same page is not nearly as easy as it used to be.
  •   WORK AFTER COVID-19: KEEPING YOUR CULTURE SAFE - At the onset of COVID-19 — and as the required work-from-home and social distancing guidelines went into effect — dialogue as to how companies were planning their successful return to the office escalated.
  •   DEEP CLEANING IS THE NEW CLEANING - There is a difference between the word "sanitize" and "disinfect." It's a common mistake to use these terms interchangeably, but there's a critical difference.
  •   HYGIENE BECOMING MORE IMPORTANT IN THE WORKPLACE, SURVEY SHOWS - If there is some good news in the age of coronavirus, research from the Healthy hand-washing Survey shows during the past 11 years an increasing number of Americans are heeding the message about washing their hands to protect themselves from flu outbreaks.
  •   WILL SOCIAL DISTANCING MAKE WAY FOR WORKPLACE DISTANCING? - With an eye on the health, safety and welfare of their teams, and the need for distancing in mind, many businesses are likely to rethink their real estate and workplace strategies.
  •   FOCUSING ON NEEDS FOR THE NEW OFFICE 'NORMAL' - Open floor plans have been the preferred layout for office spaces in recent years, but the global health crisis has caused companies to reconsider the way workstations and collaboration areas are organized.
  •   OFFICE LIFE AFTER CORONAVIRUS WILL BE DRIVEN BY PROPINQUITY, OUR NATURAL HUMAN TENDENCY TO DEVELOP TIGHT INTERPERSONAL BONDS - The world of work we will return to after the Novel Coronavirus will be distinctly different from the one we recently left behind.
  •   SEVEN UNEXPECTED WAYS TO MAKE YOUR ONLINE MEETING MORE ENGAGING - It's not easy to keep participants engaged in meetings, even when you're sitting across the table from them.
  •   PRODUCT MATTER - This month we look at two products that help make working at home better and more productive.

Workplaces Magazine - April, 2020

  •   WHERE I'M WORKING: MY COOL LOFT APARTMENT NEAR BOULDER, COLORADO - For the past five years working with Bellow Press, I have written hundreds of stories about workspace design. I realized that my home offices over the years, while functional, were poorly designed and lacked the essential fundamentals a workspace needs.
  •   REMOTE WORKING: REPORT SHOWS WORK IS CHANGING BEFORE OUR EYES (AND LIKELY WON'T CHANGE BACK) - In a tracking survey of global corporate real estate professionals at large corporations conducted by CoreNet Global, the amount of respondents who say they now support a corporate mandate for remote work has nearly doubled in two weeks to 97 percent from 56 percent two weeks ago.
  •   FOR MANY, THE HOME IS NOW THE OFFICE - For the first time, many are leaving offices to work from home, and it can be a jarring experience trying to balance work with home.
  •   WORKING FROM HOME - "Working from Home" has never been more prominent in our vocabulary. Whether you are directed, volunteered or simply chose a full- or part-time at home work environment, not everyone is fully prepared for working outside the more traditional work spaces.
  •   WHEN WORKING FROM HOME, PHYSICAL TRANSITION IS JUST THE TIP OF THE ICEBERG - We began 2020 with the same unbridled optimism with which most new years start. Then our world was unexpectedly turned upside down by coronavirus. In a matter of weeks, we went from a thriving economy, and record low unemployment and vacancy rates in the U.S., to a world nearly shut down by a global pandemic.
  •   IN UNCERTAIN TIMES, EASE YOUR EMOTIONS AT WORK AND AT HOME - Living in Spain and being hundreds of miles away from my family has made it harder, especially after they imposed the national lockdown.
  •   PRODUCT MATTER - A review of some products that help make working at home a bit easier and more productive.
  •   INSIGHTS FROM 140+ REMOTE TEAMS AND COMPANIES ON HOW TO INTEGRATE, MANAGE AND COMMUNICATE REMOTELY - To help contain the spread of COVID-19, remote work has been advised by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and companies worldwide across all industries and sizes have implemented working from home as a temporary workplace policy.

Workplaces Magazine - March, 2020

  •   WHERE I'M WORKING: Engine Shed, Station Approach, Temple Meads, Bristol, U.K. - Engine Shed is one of the most dynamic coworking centers we've ever set foot in. It is buzzing with activity and creativity rarely found in coworking locations nowadays. It acts in precisely the way a coworking facility should — by serendipitously connecting people, leading to potential business growth and expansion.
  •   30% OF MEETINGS NEVER HAPPEN, AND IT'S COSTING BUSINESS BIG - New research by Norwegian meetings tech provider Synergy SKY reveals regularly missed meetings are costing employers huge sums of cash globally due to the sheer number of meeting rooms being booked by workers that no one turns up to use.
  •   GENSLER CHICAGO OFFICE SPARKS SOME OF WORLD'S MOST CREATIVE PROJECTS - The global design firm creates many workplaces for its customers around the world, which locally include the revamp of the Willis Tower and Old Chicago Post Office, to name just a couple.
  •   "THE GUYS MISSED OUT" — DESIGN PROFESSIONALS WEIGH IN ON GENDER EQUALITY - Women in the design industry are continuing to rise in rank and not just for the sake of improving statistics or one-upping the men, but because they are pushing themselves to be better, more confident and heard.
  •   HOME IS WHERE THE WORK IS: THE BLURRING OF THE WORKPLACE AND THE HOUSEHOLD - The purposeful melding of the household and the office, if employed correctly, enables us to enjoy the rewards of both.
  •   FIVE AMENITIES THAT WILL IMPRESS TENANTS - Commercial building amenities in the 21st century are wildly different than the sundry shop and a shoeshine stand of yesteryear.
  •   PRODUCT MATTER - Poked, prodded and tested products for you and your workplace.
  •   FIVE ESSENTIALS FOR THE PERFECT WORKSTATION - For decades, office furniture was designed to be stationary and people were required to adjust their physical positions around the tools in their workstation. Ergonomists now know it's important for people to be able to move freely throughout the day to be healthy, comfortable and focused.
  •   NEARLY A QUARTER OF EMPLOYED AMERICANS SAY THEIR ORGANIZATION HAS ENOUGH TALENT, BUT IT DOESN'T ENABLE THEM TO DO THEIR JOB AS WELL AS THEY'D LIKE - College grads are more likely to feel their organization has the most talented people in the industry than those with some college.

Workplaces Magazine - February, 2020

  •   WHERE I'M WORKING: RITZ-CARLTON ORLANDO GRANDE LAKES - Is it possible for a workplace to be less-than-stellar when staying at a place as nice as the Ritz-Carlton in Orlando, Florida, and when the weather is miserable at home? Indeed it is. Chalk it up to another stay at a hotel that does little to help the business traveler.
  •   OFFICE ETIQUETTE SURVEY: BAD LANGUAGE, PETS, POLITICAL DÉCOR REMAIN BIGGEST OFFENSES - New research from global staffing firm Accountemps reveals some do's and don'ts for today's workplace. Staff shouldn't feel like they're walking on eggshells at work, but it's important to be respectful of others and ensure your actions don't cause a distraction or compromise your professional reputation.
  •   WORKPLACES COME ALIVE WITH SAGEGREENLIFE - Sagegreenlife is making it easy for offices and public spaces to go green by using technology that takes the guesswork out of watering and lighting. Sagegreenlife is making it easy for offices and public spaces to go green by using technology that takes the guesswork out of watering and lighting. The Chicago company's products aren't just designed to pretty up an office either.
  •   THE RISE OF MAKERSPACES - Makerspaces are unique because they foster skills in a diverse array of disciplines. They cater to everyone from casual hobbyists and weekend warriors to retired trades workers and budding entrepreneurs. Education is also a cornerstone, with everything from robotics classes for school kids to adult lessons on leatherworking.
  •   MANPOWERGROUP ON THE MOVE: PRESIDENT BECKY FRANKIEWICZ TALKS WORKPLACE EVOLUTION AND THE ART OF RETAINING TALENT - With a career touching on all aspects of leading several top-level companies, including PepsiCo/Quaker, Deloitte and Andersen Consulting, Becky Frankiewicz has seen the workplace change in a myriad of ways.
  •   PRODUCT MATTER - Poked, prodded and tested products for you.

Workplaces Magazine - December, 2019 / January, 2020

  •   WHERE I'M WORKING: STAN'S DONUTS & COFFEE, CHICAGO, ILLINOIS - Doughnuts and coffee are the fuel that keep the workplace humming. When a box of doughnuts arrives in the office, all the well-meaning healthy workplace mandates go out the window.
  •   FLEXIBLE WORKSPACES AND COWORKING COULD CONTRIBUTE OVER $127 BILLION TO LOCAL ECONOMIES IN THE US IN THE NEXT DECADE - The increasing migration of flexible office space and coworking locations to areas outside of major metropolitan cities globally is creating a flex economy that could contribute more than $127 billion to U.S. local communities in the next decade.
  •   39% OF COWORKING EMPLOYEES WORK AT WEWORK, LOCAL SPACES MAY GROW AS WEWORK DRAMA CONTINUE - WeWork is the most popular coworking space, but smaller, local coworking spaces are catching up, according to a new survey from Clutch, the leading B2B ratings and reviews platform.
  •   FERRARA CANDY MAKES SWEET MOVE INTO CHICAGO'S OLD POST OFFICE - For Ferrara Candy, the new office is a stark departure from the 60,000-square-foot former headquarters in suburban Oakbrook Terrace.
  •   WALLS THAT WOW - Branded interiors are more than splashing your company colors everywhere.
  •   HOW LIGHTING ALTERS OUR MOOD IN THE WORKPLACE - The inconspicuous nature of lighting and its advantageous nature in modern society is oftentimes taken for granted.
  •   THE RIVETER SUMMIT: WOMEN BUILD THE FUTURE BY REDEFINING THE WORKPLACE - The one-and-a-half day event focused on women building the future with programming that featured sessions on key workplace topics.
  •   TECH SECTOR STILL SEEING LOW NUMBERS OF WOMEN AND OFFICE DESIGN PLAYS A FACTOR - Workspace and work style issues are key factors in supporting gender equity, but there is little data or guidance on how to implement such designs.
  •   PRODUCT MATTER - Poked, prodded and tested products for you.
  •   STUDY SHOWS MALE ALLIES CAN COMBAT SEXISM — OR CONTRIBUTE TO IT IN WORKPLACE - Male allies can play a powerful role in combating chauvinistic behavior toward women but they can also unintentionally contribute to sexism, according to a new study.
  •   WHEN GRIEF GETS IN THE WAY AT WORK - Organizations are implementing measures to improve employee engagement and create a positive work culture.

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